October 3, 2023

ஆண்டாளைப் பெருமைப்படுத்துவதே என் நோக்கம் – வைரமுத்து விளக்கம்

ஆண்டாளைப் பெருமைப்படுத்துவதே என் நோக்கம் – வைரமுத்து விளக்கம்

My Intention is to Glorify Aandaal Explanation by Poet Vairamuthu

‘ThamizhaiAandaal’ was my tribute to Poet Aandaal celebrating her contribution to Tamil. This article is part of a series I have been researching and publishing for the past few years. I have published similar research articles in Dinamani on Thiruvalluvar, Ilangovadigal, Kambar, Appar, Thirumoolar, Vallalaar, Bharathiyar, Baradhidasan, U.V. SwaminathaIyer, PattukkoattaiKalyanasundaram and Kannadasan. My objective is to present the greatness of these pillars of Tamil language.

I would like to clarify on a few issues inferred incorrectly from my article.

The word Devadasi does not mean a prostitute. Devadasi means ‘Female Servant of God’. It is the highest and purest form of service to God where a girl dedicates the rest of her life to worship and service of a deity or a temple.

As part of my research for writing this article on Aandaal, I happened to read a collection of articles edited by Subhash Chandra Malik in the name of “Indian Movements: Some Aspects of Dissent, Protest and Reform”, the original from Indiana University and published by Indian Institute of Advanced Study in 1978. It is very much an Indian research study by Indian historians.

My reference, which is being incorrectly perceived, is from the first article in this publication titled “Bhakti Movement in South India”, authored by Professor M.G.S Narayanan & Professor KesavanVeluthat. Professor M. G. S Narayanan is considered as “one of India’s top authorities on ancient history” and has served as the chairman of  Indian Council of Historical Research. Professor KesavanVeluthat is the Professor of History in University of Delhi.

The line mentioned in my article was from a reputed publication and by reputed historians. I have used the word Devadasi (Servant of God) in the same positive connotation as the original authors.

I kindly request you to appeal to your intellect, setting aside raw emotions. Having lived and worked for Tamil the past forty-six years, I would never hurt the sentiments of Tamil society. I sincerely believe that the purpose of writing is to spread love and joy.

I kindly invite you to read and reflect deeply on my original article “ThamizhaiAandaal” for Dinamani.

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