September 24, 2023

A Rum with a Story to Aspire & to Envy – Aspira – Lemon Twist Launched

A Rum with a Story to Aspire & to Envy – Aspira – Lemon Twist Launched

KALS has always stayed at the top, having weathered the vicissitudes of change, with our ear close to the ground – and to the hearts of consumers, changing, adapting and growing with the times – But never losing sight of its values traditions and ethics. With the backdrop of witnessing a growing interest in white-rum amongst the targeted consumer segment of youths & in line with the Product Diversification Strategy in premium segment, Brand of Aspira – An embodiment of Aspiration is envisaged & born as a Brand of Excellence. Aspira ushers in a new era for white rum, with a deeper focus on its provenance to showcase the unfailing determination of the KALS Family, and invites consumers to share in it
Aspira – an ultimate endeavour towards journey of excellence is derived as a synergy of Aspiration & Inspiration! Aspiration is a hunger to fulfil our dreams and vision and hence christened the Brand as Aspira.
Aspira –Lemon Twist is Original Citrus Rum – is a carefully crafted product that infuses KALS white-rum with the essence of the royal family of citrus fruits: lemon & lime. It has a refreshing taste with a twist of lime, and is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, on the rocks, with Tonic water or soda.
Aspira – Lemon Twist (what is the differentiator): What does true taste of lemon taste like?
Aspira –Lemon Twist is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike some other flavoured white-rums, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. To put it short and simple: Lemon Twist is smooth and mellow, with a fresh fruity lemon and lime character and a note of lemon peel. When it’s all blended together the characterful rum amplifies these ingredients to unleash the richest possible fruit flavour—and the most vibrant experiences. The juicy taste and captivating aroma hits you as soon as you open the bottle. Aspira –Lemon Twist joins the line-up of flavoured rums is available in 750ML, 375ML, & 180ML. It is the choice of those consumers who associate with high image brands and appreciate the good things in life.

“It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb. Therefore, continue to seek new goals. Envision, create, and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you” – KALS Group with a firm conviction of this adage has set the basic Value Proposition to be the Market Leader in the segments that is represented by them.

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