October 3, 2023

Aan Devathai Movie News

Aan Devathai Movie News


While fictional dramas often occupy our attention as a show time experience, there are movies reflecting the rea lity and gain its glorious reception. In particular, Samuthirakani has never failed to successfully prove of the la tter classification with his consistent success as an actor and filmmaker. Wearing the greasepaint for ‘Appa’ and stealing the public glare with a phenomenal success, Samuthirakani is back an exact paradigm of realistic genre through ‘Aan  Devathai scheduled for release on October 5. 

“Aan Devathai will reflect a close-knit reflection of contemporary society. It will speak about the situational crisis prevailing in to day’s modern world, especially in the urban prospects due to glo balization and how it cre ates an adverse effect among current and future generations.Films gain success through two different ro utes – One stic king to the recipe of successful formula and ano ther pioneering with new ingredients that become tre ndsetters. I am completely confident that Aan Devathai will not alone get it due success, but get ennobled as trendsetter, says the director who is known for his soul searching movies. 

Winding up on his star-cast, Thamira says, “Does Samuthirakani sir need a description for his performance. He is always a genius and pulls our attention with his charismatic screen presence. On her part, Ramya Pandian has ex erted a great effort into her role and to play the mother of two children at this point of her career is a phe no me nal attempt. I am sure she will receive the warm appreciations for it.”  Aan Devathai has musical score by Ghib ran and cinematography handled by Vijay Milton. Radharavi, Ilavarasu, Suja Varunee, Hareesh Peradi and Kali Venkat will be seen in important roles.

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