November 30, 2023

CAR Black Box product launched by M2M Electronics

The Korea based M2M Electronics launched its CAR Black Box product, first of its kind to Indian Roads in the brand name of GWIHAN through its Indian National Partner Anihar Enterprises. The launched product GWIHAN is the unique safety device exclusively designed for CAR segment in a GPS enabled platform with Mobile and Camera features with an outlook of rear view mirror.

The event got witnessed welcome note by Dr.Saravanan, CEO of Anihar Enterprises followed by the special guest note by Prof.Dr.Ahn, Young-Joon, President M2M Electronics, Seoul Republic of south Korea. During his special note, He established the value proportion of the product by mapping its strong social cause in terms of safety and security of every Indian CAR user. Further, Guest of honor Shri.M.Ilango Ex.M.L.A, Chairman – National Fisherfolk Forum, Puducherry launched the GWIHAN Product and delivered his launch note to the audience by triggering his wishes to everyone who is contributing in this stream.

Further, General Manager of M2M Electronics Mr.Haribalan delivered his product note by exploring the key features of GWIHAN and the relevance of the same with the social system.
He also added that any kind of rational growth in a growing country like India needs an ultimate collaboration of Governments, Institutions, Law and Innovative approach of Technology Companies to fix the practical challenges faced by the overall governing system in handling people and peace in order to constitute, monitor and control the legal systems in the society towards ensuring safety for every common man.

During a Joint Presentation with M2M Electronics President Prof.Dr.Ahn, Young-Joon, Dr.Saravanan, CEO of Anihar Enterprises exlored that the Indian CAR Market has grown in an average of 7 Lakhs crore with an employment spread over of 32 Million jobs to contribute 7.2 % GDP in the overall Economy which is expected to cross 14% in next few years. In this context, the introduction of such car black box the car segment is a must he added.
With the wishes of the Scientists, Researchers, Dealers and experts from the Automobile industry gathered in the occasion, the event got concluded after thanks note delivered by Mr.P.Mahindren, National Sales Head of Anihar Enterprises


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