September 30, 2023

Chancery Pavilion notches up the beer game in Bengaluru with the launch of Cavalier Brewery

Bengaluru,  September, 2018: Chancery Pavilion, the landmark hospitality chain in Bengaluru launched an unparalleled Australian craft brewery by Cavalier as a part of its gastronomic destination at‘Alchemy’.

Cavalier’s foray into the country with The Chancery Group is set to entice the beer lovers in the city. Bangaloreans can now enjoy freshly brewed craft beer paired with sumptuous delicacies, all under one roof. Cavalier is reputed for its hand-crafted beers using the finest of seasonal ingredients and malts that give it a unique flavorful twist. The brewers pay attention to every detail during the process of brewing in order to capture the true essence of the malts, making the beer crisp and impeccable.

Cavalier uses Gladfield malts that are grown on the Canterbury plains of New Zealand, an ideal place to grow the best malt due to its climate, soil and geographical conditions. Cavalier offers a core range of 4 beers which are Pale, Stout, Wit and Pilsner. The brewery will continue to introduce innovations in its beer offerings with the use of seasonal fruits and ingredients to keep the imagination busy and tantalize every taste bud. Cavalier has partnered with the best dispense system suppliers in the world to ensure that the beer is served exactly as desired by the brewer.

Commenting on the launch of the brewery is Pradeep K Raju, Director at Chancery Pavilion, “We are glad to associate with renowned Australian brewery ‘Cavalier’ and bring a new indulgence to the city’s nightlife. With over 18 years of hospitality operations at Bengaluru, we endeavored to bring a new appeal to The Chancery Group. The uniqueness of this relationship comes from being a member of the Australia Alumini Association, formed by Mr Sean Kelly, former Consulate General of Australia, based out of Chennai. Through this medium, MrGopi Shankar, Dir of Trade and Industry, Trade Victoria, Bangalore introduced us to Cavalier Brewing during the Food and Beverage trade week held at Melbourne. Collaborating with Cavalier and renowned chef Hari Nayak has been a big step for us to stir excitement about our gastronomic offerings among the people in the city. We plan to explore further opportunities with Cavalier in the future.”

Commenting on the launch is Steve Martin, Director, Cavalier, “The love for hand-crafted beer has called us to the beer loving city and we hope to receive a positive response from the consumer for our beer offerings. One can experience the finest quality beer curated to lend a renewed dining experience at Alchemy. The beer served is much smoother, crispy and fresh. Cavalier will produce seasonal and limited edition beers which will only be exclusive to Alchemy, ensuring every guest can enjoy the delightful and frothy beer with a fresh twist.”

Highlighting about cuisine that complements the beer offerings, Chef Hari Nayak states, “At Alchemy, we aim to make every food lover’s dream come true. Beer can be paired well with anycuisine, given its versatility in flavors and texture. With Cavalier on board, there will be continuous innovations in the beer offerings and this becomes exciting for us to curate dishes that will complement the beer served on the table. Some of the signature dishes that one could look out for include Chicken SukkaBulgogi, Saag Paneer Spanakopita. The restaurant and brewery aims to enthrall Bengaluru’s food fanatics to explore more options and enjoy a nice frothy beer.”

Alchemy stocks a very good selection of high end liquors and has master bar staff that consistently and passionately churn out eclectic cocktails. Alchemy is open for lunch and dinner and operational between 11:00 AM – 01:00 AM on all days.

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