August 19, 2022


Chennai, December 2017:  Usher in this Christmas with a memorable gala dinner that is quite intimate, without razzmatazz and will be long remembered both for the enormous spread and the mouth-watering taste.

Commence your gastronomic voyage with the Soup of the Day … in both veg and non-veg options. crisp and crunchy starters, puts you in the right mood. Salads by itself can be filling with plenty of Veg and Non veg options. The main course options appear endless and is accompanied by a selection of Indian breads including tandoor rotis, naans, parathas and what have you. All of these accompanied by suitable condiments. And a whole Roast Turkey Live Counter ushers in the spirit of Christmas, even to the naysayers.  As if all of these are inadequate, loads of dessert options liven up your spirit. Just gorge on the desserts, you do not even need to visit the other counters. Dessert options will both satisfy your hunger pangs and the sweet tooth. A voyage without an end … Bon Appetit!


Tariff :  INR 1499 + tax per person.

Book your table today! Surprise your family with an outing on Christmas Eve. Call : Restaurant Manager, Nutcracker Restaurant, DAYS HOTEL CHENNAI OMR. Ph : +91 44 30001444.

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