December 5, 2023

Dr J Radhakrishnan Inaugurating ‘Quality Health Annual Wellbeing program’ in the city

Dr J Radhakrishnan Inaugurating ‘Quality Health Annual Wellbeing program’ in the city


“Cure for diseases are vital. TN is a pioneer in medical advancements. The first Public Health Centre was set up in our region even as early as in 1900s. From Primary Healthcare setups to Super Specialties, our state has appropriate and best of infrastructures for relevant treatments. Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme has made quality medical solutions accessible to even those in the marginalized section of the society. Disease prevention is all the more important despite all these medical developments. Lifestyle modification and diet control are of primary importance for our wellbeing,“ said Dr J Radhakrishnan IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, inaugurating a first-of-its-kind “Quality Health Annual Wellbeing program” recently (August 16, 2018) in the city.

Dr Girdhar J Gyani, NABH Board Member & DG, AHPI; Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, Director Public Health, National Health Service (NHS), UK and Founder of Third Eye Health and Wellbeing, UK and Dr Sunil Kaimal, Lead Clinician, Public Health, NHS, UK and Mr B.G. Menon, MD, ACME Consulting, were among other Healthcare experts present during the inauguration.

Advising further on ways to lead a healthy life, Dr J Radhakrishnan said “World Health Organization stresses on the importance of physical, mental and social well being for a holistic healthy life. Towards this, Tamil Nadu government has opened 900+ health and wellness centres across the state, including those in the inlands of Soolagiri, Viralimalai and Perambalur that were well received. To whom Lifestyle modification is not a possibility, at least they should keep tab on their diet. Periodical master health checkups should also be part of our personal care. Those who seek the help of private institutions for such checkups should get second medical opinion from government hospitals to ensure reliability.”

ACME Consulting is India’s largest Health Care Quality Advisory Group and endeavouring to improve the wellbeing of employees working in the corporate organisations. It has organised the event that included an enriching workshop for CEOs and HR Heads, witnessing over 100 participants from 50 corporate institutions of the city and its neighbourhood.

The workshop focussed on the importance of committed health for employees in corporate organisations and how workplace wellness plays a vital role in improving the productivity of employees. Covering all aspects of ‘Employee Wellbeing’ & Why ‘Employee Wellbeing’ will always be a prime Corporate Responsibility, the daylong interactive workshop had senior speakers including the Healthcare experts from the NHS, who shared their learnings and experiences from UK’s Health-Work-Wellbeing Programs, which have seen successful results by improving health & reducing healthcare costs.

Categorised under two sessions the workshop saw two panel discussions followed by a Q & A with the speakers in addition to interesting and lively presentations and discussions on topics ranging from ‘Developing Sustainable Health Systems for a 21st Century Workforce’, to ‘Creating a Culture of Wellbeing-A Corporate Responsibility’ to ‘Managing workplace stress the fun way through Yoga’ to ‘Importance physical fitness to employee productivity and more by eminent people from the respective Industries.

On the exclusivity of the program, Dr. Sakthi Karunanithi said “Having been trained in India and working as

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