August 7, 2022

HowdyDo Awarded “Innovative Company of the Year” by Indian Business Congress

Chennai, May 2018 : In a glittering event of 2nd Indian Business Congress organized by Entre-preneurs Council held recently , Chennai based HowdyDo, A Neighbourhood Sports Social Net-working Platform was awarded “Innovative Company of 2018” with Hon’ble Chief Minister of Pondicherry Mr. N.Narayanaswamy as the Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Amar Prasad Reddy Director of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards and organizer of the event said “Development of Sports is the need of the hour in India. It has to develop at the grassroots level. With ongoing issues with Facebook, we have a Made In India product like HowdyDo which is focused on Social Networking, Classes, Groups and Events for Sports which will bring out the talent of youngsters. HowdyDo has deservedly got the Innovative Company of the Year award.”

Mr. KK Jena, Director of Howdy Ventures ,who received the award said “We are very excited to get this award and our innovation has been recognized by Jury. There are no Sports focused appli-cations like ours anywhere in the world. This by itself is a testament to our innovation.”

Mr. Xavier Britto, Chairman of Howdy Ventures, said “We hope other investors will see the po-tential of our venture and join us in our endeavour to take HowdyDo pan India and potentially globally. I was an early investor in this venture and I immediately agreed to invest once I saw the potential of this concept. This award shows that I was right in picking up the stake in this venture .”

Mr. Sudhakar Raja, CEO of Howdy Ventures said “The problem we are trying to solve is very easy to understand. Where do you find classes to learn your sport near my house? Is there any coach who can help me improve my game? How do I find people who know my sports form a team in my neighbourhood? What are the various tournaments happening near my house? Integrated with
HowdyDo Messenger for all communication”.

About Howdy Ventures:

Howdy Ventures was launched 2017 as part of Make in India initiative to boost digital India for-tune to empower people through technology driven solutions.
HowdyDo ( and also available on play store and app store is a Privacy Protected Neighbourhood Sports Networking Platform with
• Find Classes/Coaches in your neighbourhood
• Form Teams/Groups/Clubs
• Find local sporting events in your neighbourhood
• All your classmates, team mates and event participants are automatically added to your Social Network in HowdyDo
• Integrated with Privacy Protected HowdyDo Messenger with Chat, Calling, Video Calling and Conference Video Calling where your phone number and email is masked.

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