June 26, 2022

Inauguration of Rajasthani style hotel ROYALASTHAN in Chennai 2day 22/1/18.

Inauguration of RAJASTHANI Style hotel in Chennai 2day 22/1/18 @ Cathedral Road. ” ROYALASTHAN “.


Royalasthan, a Rajasthani restaurant opens in Chennai

Chennai , 22nd January 2018 : Chennai’s foodies will now get to taste the Royal Rajasthani food that is sure to give an enriching experience. Royalasthan, a restaurant that serves the traditional and authentic Rajasthani delicacies was launched in Chennai.
From Makkai Ki tikki(corn patties), Dhal Bhati Churma, Bajre Ki Roti (pearl millet roti) under the vegetarian dishes to Murg sheek Kebab , Laal Maas and Gosht Kichdi(Mutton Rice), for the non vegetarian category, this restaurant adapts the authentic recipes of Rajasthani cuisine. However the restaurants also serves one of the signature dishes of Rajput cuisine , Laal Maans (Red Meat), which was the favorite of Rajput kings who were fierce hunters and lovers of meat. The meat is prepared with whole spices and chillies and is simmered for hours.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Chemmal Manian , Founder & Promoter of Royalasthan says, “I was amazed to see the number of eateries that were serving Non Vegetarian food in Chennai and with the desire people showed for lip-smacking spicy food. I was convinced that our cooking style and specialties would be welcomed, both the non vegetarian dishes like Laal Maas, Jangli mass and the equally flavored vegetarian dishes like ker sangri, amrood ki sabzi or Rabodi hara pyaaz.”
Royalasthan also offers a wide spread of Royalasthan ‘Thali’, that has sweets, 3 varieties of Sabzis, Roti, Phulka Rice, and salad. Speaking on the work behind bringing out the cuisine, Mr. Ravi, a hotelier and one of the mentors said, “We all are familiar with the ‘Marwadi style’ of cooking, not many of us, including me, are exposed to the ‘Rajput style’ culinary. And to experience the same, I went to Jaiselmer where I was experienced the best of the delicacies. We have not only transported the dishes in the menu, but have got the masalas and also the entire kitchen staff from there so as to ensure we are able to deliver the same flavors for all to experience the original Rajput Cuisine.”


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