December 1, 2022

ISSICON 2018 | The International Spine and Spine Injuries Conference (ISSICON 2018) |

The International Spine and Spine Injuries Conference (ISSICON 2018)

The Conference (ISSICON 2018) which focusses on the importance of prevention, care and clinical management of Spinal Cord Injuries in Emerging India, to be held in Chennai

Leading Spine Surgeons, Doctors and Faculty Members from India and Abroad to converge in Chennai for three-day Conference

Chennai, 28th September, 2018: According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Tamil Nadu ranks first in the number of road crash injuries in India. A large proportion of people surviving their injuries post these accidents sustain some type of temporary or permanent disability. With this mind, and for the first time in Chennai, the ‘International Spine and Spinal Injuries Conference’ (ISSICON 2018), which addresses the effective ways of treating spine injuries will take place from 5 – 7th October at Hotel Hyatt Regency. Chennai.

The theme of ISSICON 2018 is Spinal Cord Injury Care in Emerging India, with the objective to create better awareness among spine care specialists, discuss evidence based treatment practices for surgery and rehabilitation, and also produce policies for best practices for spinal cord injury management.

Speaking about the event and its relevance of its occurrence in Chennai, Chairperson ISSICON 2018, Secretary of the Spinal Cord Society and President of the International Spinal Cord Society, Dr. H.S. Chhabra said, “We are happy to bring ISSICON 2018 to Chennai, popularly known as the Mecca of healthcare in India. Leading names in the field of spine surgery and related fields will congregate in Chennai to deliberate and elaborate on ways of treatment that will pave the way for effectively addressing the long list of anomalies associated with this subject. We are thankful to Kauvery Hospital, International Spine academy and the leading spine surgeons of Chennai due to which we will be here in this beautiful city for ISSICON 2018.”

Commenting on the event, Organising Chairman ISSICON 2018, Consultant Spine and Neurosurgeon at Kauvery Hospital, Dr. G. Balamurali said, “ISSICON 2018 will bring together faculty and delegates in the highly specialised and complex field of managing people with spinal cord impairment. This will pave way to disseminating scientific and evidence based information on management of spine and spinal cord injuries, with the hope of advancing the care and rehabilitation.”

ISSICON 2018 will see workshops, case studies, scientific sessions, panel sessions and deliberations on the treatment options for spinal cord injuries and will be attended by 30 International faculty members from all over the world along with 70 national faculty members and 300 delegates including spine surgeons, doctors, allied specialists and patients from across India.

Notes to Editors:
About ISSICON 2018:
Tamil Nadu ranks in the top amongst Indian states as far as Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs) are concerned, and it is a distinction that the state cannot be proud of. In 2015 alone, Tamil Nadu registered a total of 69,059 accidents, nearly 14 per cent of all road accidents in India. A large proportion of people surviving injuries sustain some type of temporary or permanent disability. This in turn is bound to have a depressive repercussion on the person’s life through the loss of personal space, independence, individuality and personal relationships. Most victims are of the male gender, usually below 40 years of age and are the main breadwinners of the family. This paralyses the entire family’s resources and puts then into poverty, isolation, divorce, depression, suicide, loss of child education and loss of job. It is also a huge socio-economic downturn with loss of productivity for the country with young work force being trapped within four walls because of their disability and with little help from the government or society. The disabled also requires a period of rehabilitation to gain new skills to survive and work for a living. Unfortunately, having no dedicated centers with such facilities in India is also a serious concern for the medical community. Several governmental, non-governmental organizations are constantly working hard towards increasing awareness on safety but in vain. Education and awareness is an integral part of prevention and hence ISSICON 2018 is focused on bringing together all concerned medical professionals in one place to share knowledge and learn how to manage persons with spinal cord injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury Relevant Data:
India is world number one
90% are men
80% are between 20-40yrs
80% are only breadwinners
80% are in middle or low income





Table 1: Road Accident Parameters: 2014 and 2015 ((According to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways)


Table 2: Top 13 States according to their respective shares in total number of RTCs during 2015 (According to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways)


State/UT – Wise Road Accident Cases During 2015

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