September 30, 2023

K Sera Sera, 2nd largest Digital & E Cinema player entering South Indian market.

Cinema industry stands on four pillars – Film Producers, Distributors, Exhibitors and Digital content providers. The revenue coming from the pockets of diehard fans and film lovers shall essentially being shared by these pillars in a proportionate manner; else it can slowly cannibalize its own business partners or stake holders.

This simple business equation is good enough for making the whole industry blossom or its disproportion can tumble the entire market. This is exactly being seen and observed in southern regional states over a long period. Nevertheless; all the regional film producers associations now are standing strong, united & determined in bringing up essential economic equilibrium in a revolutionizing manner for all key stake holders of this industry. Their sheer strength, good cause, clarity in intention ethics and unity is thus far enough to successfully cater and save local industry. Industry estimate and analysis suggests if Producer Associations demands are met with happy ending, this ethical costing (which is right of all industry stake holders) it can save whopping 2 Billion, roughly INR 200 Cr per annum – In turn this saving can uplift & blossom regional cinema industry.

In a mean time second largest Digital & E Cinema player K Sera Sera (KSS Group) has entered in Southern market recently. K Sera Sera has been a pioneer in brining HD technology since 2011 in India & its proprietary technology is considered to be most robust, fool proof and has very high security standards. Its KSS e-cinema Servers have resolutions equivalent or at PAR with 2K & 4K resolutions. Prior to entering AP & TN, its technology has been utilized by almost 900 cinemas in rest of India. Very soon they are extending their foot print in Karnataka as well as Kerala. KSS has now fully functional mastering labs & sales offices in Hyderabad and Chennai.

Incidentally K Sera Sera is also in Film production, Distribution & exhibition business by themselves and have faced very similar problems like resistance offered by the competition to enter the market, sidelining by select few producers lobby through purposely curtailing and avoiding content provision, etc. But their business philosophy of profit, revenue sharing, intent to support all industry stake holders, proprietary technologies, expertise in E cinema and capabilities in Digital Cinema processing has made them one of the key players of the industry.

Unity is the key strength of all southern associations and together through their joint action committee they are keenly anticipating positive results else they are poised to down shutters from 2nd March 2018.

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