May 31, 2023

Kezhavi Anthem By Premgi Images & News

Kezhavi Anthem By Premgi Images & News

A lot of anthems have come out so far. Everyone has a particularanthem for their place, something which glorifies their origin, which they then publish via android and iPhones.And here we have, another anthem, a thrilling song in the making – the Kezhavi Anthem.Published via Madras Central’s YouTube Channel, for fantasy and comedy web series, Marthanda Chakravarthy . The anthem has already gained a lot of attention. Directed by Prabhu Jeyaram and Composed by Ishaan Dev, the Lyrics for this have been set by Murugan Manthiram and Rajesh R , Edited by Arun Krishna and Cinematography by Karthikkumar. The song has been sung by composer and comedian actor, Premgi.


The fantasy comedy web series, Marthanda Chakravarthy, has been successful in making people laugh. This anthem which is one of the highlights of this web series, has been released separately and has gathered a lot of attention and appreciation.What is the connection between the old women of our villages and Facebook? What is the connection between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and this Marthanda Chakravarthy?If you want the answer to this, go watch the Kezhavi Anthem right now!

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