February 4, 2023

M.V. Hospital for Diabetes – Diabetic Footwear launch

The MV Hospital for Diabetes at Royapuram Chennai established in 1954 ,has been in the fore front of providing a comprehensive care for saving the feet of people with Diabetes .

Since people wanted footwear which was different from the MCR footwear available in the market, we developed novel footwear which was acceptable to the people said Dr Vijay Viswanathan, Head and Chief Diabetologist MV Hospital for Diabetes. These designer diabetic footwear designed by the students of the CFTI Chennai are very aesthetic with pleasing colours and designs said Dr Vijay Viswanathan. This is the first time such designer footwear have been developed and tested in people with Diabetes in India.

These designer footwear have a  soft insole and a specially crafted outersole made by CFTI.They are ideal for any person as it offers pressure reduction under the foot  while walking said Mr Murali Director CFTI. It is particulary useful for people with Diabetes with neuropathy and loss of sensation in their feet

Each of these  designer footwear are hand madeand manufactured in the MV hospital for Diabetes at Royapuram and is available at the Main Hospital at Royapuram and its branches at Adyar and Velachery said Dr Vijay Viswanathan. It is available at an inaugural price of Rs 1500 at these 3 centres in Chennai and also in the branch at Koramangala Bengaluru.

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