December 5, 2023

Nokia collaborates with BSNL to leverage Industry 4.0 for manufacturing excellence at Nokia’s Chennai factory

Nokia collaborates with BSNL to leverage Industry 4.0 for manufacturing excellence at Nokia’s Chennai factory

• Project marks India’s first ‘real-world’ application of Industry 4.0 at the Nokia Conscious Factory in Chennai
• Nokia increaseslevels of automation for enhanced efficiency, reliability and security in manufacturing, leveraging BSNL’s 4G LTE network for connectivity
• Prepares for the 5G era with Smart Manufacturing

New Delhi, India –Nokia and BSNL, a leading telecom operator in India, are working together to implement the next level of industrial automation, leveraging 4G LTE technology to enable greater operational efficiency at Nokia’sChennai plant. The project aligns with the Indian Government’s‘Make in India’ program, which aimsto promote excellence in manufacturing in the country.

Nokia manufactures a range of telecom equipment across technologies at its Conscious* Chennai factory, which caters to both the domestic and international customers. The state-of-the-art factory will now leverage Industry 4.0 solutions such as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), connected Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Internet of Thingsto enhance operations and increase productivity.

Industry 4.0 relies on low-latency, high-reliability networks as well as capabilities in robotics and artificial intelligence to drive new levels of automation and data exchange in manufacturing industries, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. The advancements in communications technology with 4G LTE provides lower latency and better network reliability to connect manufacturing equipment and time-critical applications to transform factory operations.

Nokia has deployed the network using its Micro Core Network and Multi-access Edge Computing platform, delivering edge cloud capabilitiesto process data closer to end-users, lowering latency and ensuring personnelare alerted to any anomalies in production so they can be quickly resolved. The network willalso help increase flexibility and agility enabling production lines to be changed more quickly for the introduction of new products. Increased levels of automation will help in shop-floor processes such as remote monitoring of robots and control of automated guided vehicles.

Working together on this project, Nokia and BSNL are demonstrating the ability to leverage automation across industries, showing how it can be replicated in sectors such as oil and gas,mining, public safety and disaster management.

AnupamSrivastava, Chairman and Managing Director at BSNL, said: “BSNL has undertaken several initiatives to ensure India keeps pace with 5G evolution globally. Nokia is already one of our key partners in developing the 5G eco-system, and now we are exploring use cases such as Industry 4.0 that can benefi tremendously with 5G. This network deployment for Industry 4.0 at Nokia’s Chennai factory that can be scaled to 5G demonstrates our preparedness to take advantage of new opportunities that will emerge with 5G and IoT in India.”

Sanjay Malik, Vice President and head of the India Market at Nokia, said: “Our Chennai facilityisthe best-in-class manufacturer in our industry and recentlycrossed the 4-million-unitproduction milestone in its 10th year of operation. Our collaboration with BSNL will enable us toleverage the latest technology advancements and continue in our efforts to build the increasingly digitized and connectedfactory of the future. It will pave the path to smart manufacturing in the 5G era.”

Did you know?
Nokia’s Chennai plant has won a number of awards, including Rajeev Gandhi National Quality Award, the Economic Times-India Manufacturing Excellence Award (ET-IMEA) and the FICCI National Quality Systems Excellence Award.

*To address Industry 4.0, Nokia has applied a ‘Conscious Supply Network’ concept at its factories leveraging digitalization, analytics, and robotics across the overall supply chain.

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