October 3, 2023


Pantomath Advisory Services Group participated in “JITO TRADE FAIR” held from 23rd -25th February 2018 at SPR City, Chennai. The three day fair brought together established business tycoons and new entrepreneurs to reflect onlatest trends and practices that will provide a much-needed push for better business outcomes.

SME sector in India is growing at an exceptionally fast pace and has truly become the backbone of India’s GDP growth. The role of SMEs in employment creation, innovation, and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit has been crucial in fostering competitiveness in the economy and boosting inclusive growth. SME sector is a strong vehicle for inclusive growth, creating local demand and consumption and is the fountain head of several innovations, especially in the manufacturing and service sectors. In order to facilitate SMEs and provide them the platform for growth capital, the Government and SEBI launched SME Exchanges.

Since inception, SME platform has witnessed over 350 listings wherein companies from across geographies & sector have collectively raised over Rs. 3,700 Crores. These companies are now commanding a market capitalization of around Rs. 37,000 Crores and have attracted interest from all set of investors. With this, Indian SME platform has become the fastest growing SME Exchange globally.

SME listing provides numerous benefits such as operational benefits, and help SMEs grow leaps and bounds. Listing facilitates SME entrepreneurs to create wealth through transparent stock market mechanism. Cost of compliance for both IPO and post IPO is significantly reduced as many burdensome compliances are relaxed for SME listed companies”, remarked Mr.MahavirLunawat, Group Managing Director, Pantomath Group.

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