September 30, 2023


Chennai,  September, 2018 – First time in Asia, Parvathy Hospital, Chennai, successfully  performed a Day Surgery for Partial knee replacement procedure to a 60 year old woman, who went back home walking, the same day. The surgical procedure, ‘Unicondylar knee Arthoplasty’ performed as Outpatient orthopaedic surgery by Dr. Vetri Kumar, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Parvathy Hospital and his team of orthopaedic surgeons is considered as the major milestone in the history of Orthopedic surgeries in Asia. Parvathy Hospital has named this milestone as M.I.N.O.R.S – Morning In Night Out Replacement Surgeries

When patients once had to spend four to five days in the hospital recovering from the surgery, Parvathy Hospital’s day surgery/ambulatory surgery procedure provided quicker recovery options, increased patient comfort with lower infection risk.  With physiotherapy done at the comfort at one’s home, recovery time is much quicker and highly effective.

The patient, Ms. Leela Shankar, a homemaker aged 60 started experiencing pain in her left knee underwent all modalities of treatment, but failed to relieve her from pain. Until her pain got worsen and was not able to walk on her own, she was advised for consultation with Parvathy Hospital.

After a complete diagnosis, it was found that she had developed Anteromedical Osteoarthritis on her left knee. ‘Unicondlyar knee Arthoplasty’, a surgical treatment for knee also known as partial knee replacement was suggested for complete cure. Evaluating various parameters and criteria, the patient was found fit for Outpatient surgery, the day surgery now well established worldwide but still not performed anywhere in Asia.

Dr. S. Muthukumar, Chairman & Chief Orthopaedic, Parvathy Hospital said, “The Outpatient Orthopaedic surgery is a revolutionary step forward in this specialty. It is proud moment for us on performing Asia’s first and successful First Day Surgery for Knee Replacement. We had strictly followed the protocol for performing Day Surgery. It was also necessary to educate the patients on advantages of day surgery and the pre and post op protocols, as that’s the most important to it success.”

On Surgical protocols, Dr. Vetri Kumar, Consultant Surgeon, Parvathy Hospital said, “Pain is a big issue. We proactively monitored and addressed them with due pain control protocols. Thereby maintaining pain as low as possible. Our treatment to the patient had shown remarkable recovery as the she walked out to her home by evening. With our day surgical solutions, we had proved that it is possible to provide good quality day surgery care in orthopedics and we were able to completely reduce complications in immediate postoperative term. Further, it also reduces the stigma attached with treatment and recovery. We look forward to many more remarkable milestones in the future”


The Patient said, ““Walking had become difficult, I could feel this burning sensation in my leg after every step.” I remember when I spoke to Dr. Vetri the first time about my options,” she says.  “He said ‘You’re a candidate for day surgery and i was thinking, ‘No way! I don’t want to be home managing that pain all by myself.’ It was scary to me. After surgery, the same day, I was absolutely excited me when I was able to walk on the same day after getting a knee replacement. The recovery was as quick as the surgical process with infrequent hospital visits, post-surgery. Adequate discharge instructions were advised which kept me safe and pain free at home. Now I am ready to participate in walkathon, to be conducted this month”

Post-Surgery and treatment provided effective pain relief and high patient satisfaction to the patient. It also resulted in improved functionality, decreased time and shortened hospitalization

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