June 1, 2023

Plea to Tamil Nadu Government for amendments in the Draft Common Development Rules 2018


 Plea to Tamil Nadu Government for amendments in the Draft Common Development Rules 2018

A request by Federation of Tamil Nadu Flat & Housing Promoters Association to encourage growth of all the segments of Housing

 Chennai, 5 Sep. 2018

The Tamil Nadu Government had recently announced that there would be common building rules for the entire state including Greater Corporation of Chennai. Suggestions and feedback on the draft rules are being sought post which the rules will be implemented.

The Federation of Tamil Nadu Flat & Housing Promoters Association, And Metro Flat Promoters Association, while welcoming the common building promotion rules 2018, have stated that some points need to be considered to achieve fair play for all category of builders.

Commenting on the rule, Mr. P. Manishankar, State President, Federation of TN Flat & Housing Promoters Association said “While it is a welcome move, the proposed common development rules are more favourable to the Corporate Builders”.

It is our sincere request that Builders Catering to all the segments of Housing should also be given a fair place in the proposed common development rules, which in turn will help the people from the lower income group and middle-income group.  It is no doubt that uniform rule framework will help eradicating the violations and have a speedy system of clearance”.

The following are the key requests for Consideration:

·         Floor Space Index (FSI) – The present FSI norm was fixed as 1.50 during 1975 by the then MMDA (Madras Metropolitan Development Authority).  The 1.50 FSI norm has not at all been changed for the past 43 years while the population has been on the increase in multi-fold during these 43 years in Chennai City.  But, even after the release of Second Master plan by the CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) 10 years before, the FSI has not seen any change.

      Even the existing FSI 1.50 is not at all achievable in smaller plots because of the impractical conditions in the existing development rules.  The maximum achievable FSI at present is 1.30 to 1.35.

       FSI Norms: The proposed new rule permits 1.75 FSI for all category of Roads, but in reality, the 1.75 FSI is achievable only on the 30 feet wide Roads having the bigger plot extent.  For roads less than 30 Feet, achievable FSI will be 1.30 to 1.35 only even after revising to FSI of 1.75.

    The proposed increase in FSI will not serve the 75% of the population of Tamil Nadu, since 75 to 80 percent of Roads in Chennai and other parts of        Tamil Nadu are less than 30 Feet Roads.  75% of the areas located on the Roads with the width less than 30 feet will not be able to meet the FSI increase. Therefore, we request the State Government to reconsider this rule for a uniform development policy on all Roads including those between 20 Feet and 30 Feet by providing Stilt + 3 Floors.

   Car Parking: The existing rule insists on a Two-way driveway, which is a challenge in smaller plots.  A Single driveway should be implemented for smaller plots, since Two-way driveway system is impractical.


·         Uniform FSI norms keeping in mind development in all parts of cities and town should be implemented to maintain standards. This will also ensure that there are no violations and easier implementation without hassles.

      While implementing common development rules, Tamil Nadu should also take references from neighbouring States for a fool-proof system.  The common development rule should be implemented by taking into consideration of these suggestions.

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