November 29, 2023

PRESS RELEASE – Alcohol Awareness programme to highlight risks of alcohol abuse among people

Doctors from Fortis Malar and Therukoothu Artists come together to fight Substance Abuse

Awareness programme to highlight risks of alcohol abuse among people

Chennai, 28th April 2018: Doctors of Fortis Malar Hospital and Therukoothu artists came together to create awareness about evils of substance abuse at Trustway Foundation – De-Addiction and Rehabilitation centre today. The informative awareness session was attended by 150 people who were made aware about ill effects of drug abuse as well as abusive alcohol consumption. The session was conducted by Dr. Nethra Balasubramaniam, Counselling Psychologist at Fortis Malar Hospital.
Therukoothu is a local art form comprising of storytelling, dialogue rendering, songs and dance. It was used to touch upon alcoholism and its related issues. The performance was intertwined with people’s emotions, values and attitudes to life, in such a way that the story being narrated became the expression of addicts and their dreaded experiences with alcohol.

Speaking at the awareness camp, Dr. Nethra Balasubramaniam said, “Alcohol abuse is one of the main reasons for many problems to a healthy way of life. Major health problems are a direct result of such abuse. India has highest number of deaths due to road accident and drunk driving is a major cause of these deaths. Apart from its effects on physical health, it leaves a very strained effect on one’s mental health. The family of such victims has to undergo a lot of mental turmoil.”

Dr. Nethra Balasubramaniam suggested the following tips to contain alcohol abuse swiftly and effectively.
Change your routine and make a serious plan to cut back on your alcohol consumption – This is really a good way to start.
Spend more time with your family and friends who support you.
Do activities that don’t involve drinking like involve in sports activities, go for a walk or bike ride, go to a movie or play, or go to a music show or art opening. This will not only make you cut back on your drinking, it will also make you healthier overall by getting you more active.
Start exercising as it is a great way to help you kick an alcohol habit. Also make sure that along with exercise, you eat well, get proper sleep, and generally taking care of yourself to be less prone to drinking.
If you cut back significantly on your alcohol consumption, you may start to experience some withdrawal symptoms like trembling hands, irritability, shaky and tired feelings, difficulty sleeping, poor concentration, and bad dreams. At this point, it’s very easy to give up. Be strong and try to seek professional help for further recovery.


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