November 29, 2023

Press Release- Children’s Day celebrations at Fortis Malar Hospital

Children’s Day celebrations at Fortis Malar Hospital

Chennai, 12th November, 2018: Fortis Malar Hospital, a leading Multi-specialty Hospital in Chennai celebrated Children’s Day at their facility. The session witnessed Dr Suba Karthikeyan, Pediatrician & Neonatologist interacting with the children on healthy habits like eating healthy, regular physical activities, focusing on food nutrition labels, washing hands, dental hygiene, importance of outdoor games and basic knowledge about first-aid and safety.

Concentrating on the nutrition for kids, Mr. Pitchiah Kasinathan, Dietitian, Fortis Malar Hospital taught the kids about the importance of eating healthy, having breakfast rich in protein and also recommended parents to include fruits in their child’s diet. Attended by 35 children, the two hour session saw children interacting with the doctors, taking ambulance tour and enjoying various fun activities organized by the hospital staff.

Addressing the children and parents, Dr Suba Karthikeyan said, “Giving children a health awareness session as a part of children’s day event is the best gift we can offer them. In this technology driven era of cell phones, it is essential for them to understand the health hazards of overusing them like vision problems, sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity, attention and learning disorders. Also, personal hygiene and safety tips for a healthy and strong body are important for the children.”

Commenting on this, Dr Jayashree Jayakrishnan, Lactation Consultant, Fortis Malar Hospital said, “It gives us great joy to see children and parents interacting with the doctor and getting their queries clarified on children health, vaccination and eating habits. We are confident that this session will not only benefit the children but also their parents. Through this session, we are sure that parents and kids understand the significance of good health.”

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