December 9, 2022

Press Release :Muthamizh Vizha at SDNB Vaishnav College

Press Release

Muthamizh Vizha

The Department of Tamil , SDNB Vaishnav college organised theMuthamizh Vizha on Feb 1 2019, to spread the beauty & flair of the Tamil language among the students. Mr Vaidyanathan , Editor of Dinamani magazine stressed the importance of learning at least two other languages other than the mother tongue during the childhood years. He released the collection of poetry called the “ Kizhindha Sattaipai” written by a final year student M. Sangeetha. IsaiKavi Ramanan , presides over as a guest of honour for the Tamil music and encouraged the students to learn music. A renowned drama actor “ Appa Ramesh” appreciated the efforts of the Drama Cast who staged the “ Bhakta Prahalad” . A variety of programs pertaining to the Tamil tradition was performed by the students.

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