May 31, 2023

Qube Cinema Announces Moviebuff First Clap Season 2 Winners

Qube Cinema Announces Moviebuff First Clap Season 2 Winners
Aspiring filmmakers deliver social messages via short film format

Chennai, Sep 1st, 2018: Qube Cinema Technologies Pvt Ltd announced the winners of Moviebuff First Clap Season 2 today with the top prize of Rs. 3 lakhs going to Vishnu Edavan for Kalki, along with the opportunity to narrate a script to and/or intern wth actor Suriya’s 2D Entertainment.

The first runner-up is Kambalipoochi by VG Balasubramanian, second runner-up awarded to Peraarvam by Sarang Thiagu, third runner-up won by Cookerku Whistle Podu by Shyam Sundar and fourth runner-up to Mayir by Logi. They receive prize money to the tune of Rs. 2 lakhs for first runner-up, Rs. 1 lakh for second runner-up, and Rs. 25,000 each for third and fourth runner-up.

Interesting to note this year were the powerful social messages being delivered via the short film format. Kalki, a 3-minute movie showcasing the race between life and time, provided the same thrilling impact of a 3-hour movie. Mayir, a dark comedy, spotlighted farmers’ conditions. Cookerku Whistle Podu, a political satire, received appreciation for its boldness. A strong message on child abuse was conveyed in Kambilipoochi and Peraarvam narrated a story which received very positive reviews from the viewers.
“This season helped us identify raw new talent and exposed us to various innovative stories, we wish them all the best and we will be interested in working with this new class of creators. This platform gives us more options on the projects we want to support,” says Suriya. His company, 2D Entertainment, focuses on quality content ensuring entertainment with a difference by nurturing innovative talent and utilizing the best of technology.
Under the Moviebuff First Clap platform, over 5000000 plus viewers watched the five movies at more than 200 primary screens across Tamilnadu for a period of five weeks. Five filmmakers benefitted from the once-in-a-lifetime experience where their movie was screened across the state, providing a much wider reach for their efforts and direct audience feedback. During this screening period, the general public was invited to vote for their favorite film by SMS voting or app-based voting. More than 1 lakh voting entries were received overall across all platforms.

Winners were then chosen based on the expert decisions of jury panel members: renowned directors Ram, Vignesh Shivan, Karthik Naren, Arun Prabhu, Nithlan, cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa, editor Ruban, sound engineer Udhay, reviewer Sathis and Mr. Rajasekarapandian, CEO, 2D Entertainment along with data collected from the public voting.

“We are extremely happy with the response to Moviebuff First Clap Season 2 and are thankful to Knack Studios for processing the post-production of all the shortlisted movies as well as Little Shows team for managing the process efficiently. The response clearly vindicates our belief that an honest and popular platform is required to showcase the fresh talent that would otherwise be lost in a crowd due to sheer lack of a suitable opportunity. We thank all Qube network theatres for supporting this initiative. For aspiring filmmakers, to watch their work on the silver screen along with the audience in various cities and towns is THE EXPERIENCE they live for,” says Arvind Ranganathan, Chief Executive Officer of Qube Cinema Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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About Moviebuff: 
Moviebuff offers the most exhaustive database of movie-related information to an Indian movie-going audience. It aims to be an end-to-end solution for a variety of users, including, but not limited to, consumers, content creators, exhibitors and affiliates, and serves the role of a one-stop-shop for these users, providing information as well as solutions for anything related to the business of movies — consumption, exhibition and content creation. For the consumer, it provides access to an exhaustive database of movie-related information, for the content creator, it is a platform to promote movies, sell music and related content and for the exhibitor, it is a platform to curate, promote content and aggregate user feedback. All the information on is also available in the form of an API for any movie-related website that requires up-to-date information and media. | 

About 2D Entertainment: 
Suriya, a man with a penchant for lateral thinking, turned entertainment entrepreneur through his brainchild 2D Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. CEO Rajasekar Karpoorasundarapandian has ensured an open atmosphere so that an impressive think tank of creative genii deliver quality content ensuring entertainment with a difference. Established in 2014, the company nurtures innovative talents by making the best of technology. The marketing and production strategies here are set on international standards with a commitment to providing entertainment to people from all walks of life. This is a name to reckon with in the South Indian film fraternity.   

Note: Attached synopsis of the five movies.

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