March 31, 2023

SRM IST – தமிழ்ப்பேராய விருதுகள் – 2018 – Press Release – Reg

Nominations Invited
Tamilperayam(Thamizh Academy) of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, present many awards for the best contribution to Tamil language, Literature & culture from 2012 on wards.
For Best Books
1. Pudhumaippithan Creative Literature Award (Short Story, Novel, Drama) – 1,50,000/-
2. Bharadhiaar Poetry Award (Poetry) – 1,50,000/-
3. Azha.Valliappa Children Literature Award (Story, Poetry, Drama) – 1,50,000/-
4. G.U.Pope Translation Award (Translation from Tamil) – 1,50,000/-
5. Pe.Na.Appusamy Scientific Tamil Award / A.P.J. Abdul kalam Technology Award
(Science / Technology in Tamil) – 1,50,000/-
6. Aanandha kumarasamy Fine Arts Award / Muthuthaandavar Tamil Music Award
(Book on Sculpture / Pictograph (Painting), Tamil Music ) – 1,50,000/-
7. Parithimar Kalaignar Tamil Scholar Award (Research Book on Tamil ) – 1,50,000/-
Best Tamil Journal
8. Sudhesamithiran Thamizh Journal Award (Tamil Arts, Literature and Cultural Journal) –
Best Tamil Association
9. Tholkaappiar Tamil Association Award – 1,00,000/-
Best Troupe
10. Arunachala kavirayar Award (Tamil music/ Folklore Troupe) – 1,00,000/-
Best Tamil Scholar
11. Paarivendhar Painthamizh Award (Life-Time Achievement Award) – 3,00,000/-
Award Rules
Books Published during the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 as first publication are eligible for the awards 1 to 7. Books published in 2017, 2018 are not eligible for nominations.
For the awards from Sl. No1 to Sl. No 7, five copies of the book should be enclosed with the nomination and the name of the award for which the nomination is sent, should be clearly mentioned in the application.
For the Award No.4, the book recommended should be a translated work of a Tamil book onTamil Arts, Literature, culture, Special features, etc., 5 Copies of the translated book and 5 copies of the original Tamil Book should be sent along with the nomination.
For the Award No.6, if the book selected on Sculpture, Painting, other fine arts, Aanandha Kumarasamy Fine Arts Award will be awarded. If the book selected on Tamil Music, Muthuthaandavar Tamil Music Award will be awarded.
For the Award No.7, the research book should be on Tamilogy.
Award No.8 is for best weekly / monthly / quarterly journal which contributes valuable services to Tamil Language, Literature, Culture, etc., The magazine recommended should be one which is issued regularly for a minimum period of past 5 years continuously. Three sets of last 5 years’ copies of the periodical should be submitted along with the nomination.
Award No.9 is for best Tamil Association in Tamil nadu / other states of India / other countries which is rendering best services for a minimum period of past five years continuously to Tamil Arts, Literature, Culture, etc., Five copies of relevant documents to that effect, along with full particulars of the Association should be sent.
Award No. 10 is for the best troupe of Tamil Music / Folklore Arts
Nominations for the Award No.11, should contain full particulars which will include the Tamil services rendered, acquired degrees, awards, merits, etc., and the list of books written by the Tamil scholar. These nominations may be sent by self or recommended by others.
Tamil Scholars from any Country are eligible to Apply for all the Awards.
For the first 7 awards, the amount will be shared as Rs. 1,25,000/- to the author of the book and Rs. 25,000/- to the publisher of the book.
Books submitted with nominations for the awards will not be returned.
All Nominations should be sent to the following address :
Secretary, Tamil Perayam,5th Floor, #518, Administrative Block, SRM University, Kattankulathur – 603 203. Kanchipuram Dist. Tamil nadu. URL : Phone : 044 – 27417375 / 76 / 79
The Last Date for the receipt of the nominations is 31.05.2018

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