November 30, 2023

SRM’S Sustained efforts towards a Plastic free Environment – Press Release – Reg

Every drop of water …goes to make the mighty ocean! Yes….the mighty ocean that we take for granted may no longer be the same in the days to come.

The theme for this year’s WorldEnvironment Day – June 5th is ‘Beaplastic pollution’. It has been predicted that in the years to come there would be more plastic in the ocean than fishes!!

Man has been busy with technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality etc which has had its fair share of advantage…but we have failed to realize the enormity of the man made harm to environment due to excessive use of plastics.

The earth surface and the ocean beds are getting clogged…a danger that we are failing to acknowledge & therefore it is very important to take relevant measures at the earliest.

Since 1974 United Nations has been creating awareness by ensuring June 5th is observed as World Environment Day.

This year India being the host we have a major responsibility in being a role model by working towards a more sustained and safe environment.

SRM as an institution has pledged to give its very best in becoming a responsible and environmentally conscious institution. 

On June 3rd a campaign was organized in Besant Nagar Beach. From the Vice Chancellor of the university to staff members, researchers and students a team of 50 members were there to ‘start a change ‘.

The team showed that everyone has a responsibility towards environment. The members were involved in educating vendors on alternates to plastics, creating awareness among children and the public.

Small efforts sustained over time can produce significant results!!   ….SRM is set on its journey towards sustaining a safe environment for the future generations.

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