October 3, 2023

Students got Placement in Standford and Massacussets University through “USA UNIVQUEST” – A FIITJEE Initiative Program.

USA UnivQuest is a product from one of the most respected names in the education industry, FIITJEE. Just as FIITJEE is synonymous with IIT-JEE preparation, USA UnivQuest comes as a revolutionary step towards global education and believes that access to best quality higher education is a fundamental right of every millennial child in India. The main objective is to help Indian students realize their dreams of studying Undergraduate programs in the USA, UK, Canada, and Singapore among other top-ranking world class universities.

In this journey so far, USA UnivQuest has helped a number of students in getting admits into Universities abroad in USA and Canada. The crowning glory of all these accomplishments is the Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology admits that our students got placed into this year for FALL 2018. Stanford University in California, USA, has offered admission to the class of 2022 to Arvind Arumugam out of 47,450 applicants, the largest applicant pool in Stanford’s history.

This is indeed an eye-popping admit as Stanford University is the most selective in the country for Undergraduate admissions. Of course, Arvind had the achievement, grit, and persistence in the right measure and was totally committed to his cause. He joined USA UnivQuest for a 4year Program during weekends. Besides academics, Arvind is an international sailor which stood out predominantly in his application. There is no one size-fits –all for college admissions; it depends on a lot of details and circumstances.
Admissions to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, ranked No.1 in the world according to QS world rankings 2018, is extremely selective. Siddharth Sridhar of FIITJEE has made it to this university and has proved his mettle thereby. He had to meet the Grade Point Average and test requirements which are very important for getting past the first round of filters and proving his academic preparedness. After crossing this hurdle, he had to impress MIT application readers through other application requirements, including extracurricular, essays, and letters of recommendations. MIT is known for its research activities where the student-faculty ratio is 3:1. Some kind of financial aid like scholarships, loans and jobs, is also given to 91% of the students.

Apart from Stanford and MIT, Boston, our Chennai students have done well to enter the portals of other top universities in the USA and CANADA. Some of the universities where our students have been placed are University California Berkeley, University of Texas Austin, Purdue, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, University of California Davis, University of California San Diego and University of Toronto Canada, University of Waterloo, Canada and the list goes on.

We are equally proud to announce that our students have also made it to the summer programs to top-notch universities. Karan Dayalani, a class 9 student in Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Chetpet and a SAT ADD ON student at USA UnivQuest has been admitted into Stanford pre-collegiate Summer Institutes this summer. Ishan Monie, a class 10 student of Chennai Public School, has been given a choice among three top universities to join their summer program. He has secured admits at Northwestern University, New York University, University of Texas, Austin and Stanford University. He is undergoing training with us for the SAT program and college application process. Visit www.usaunivquest.com/about/testimonial for more details.

The need for such a Program was felt as much disappointment is faced when there is tough competition and need for high cut-off percentages to enter India’s top universities. Much of the students’ efforts of extensive preparation, intense hard work, stress and pressure results in high percentages but doesn’t lead to admissions in India’s leading universities. Our objective is to bridge this lacuna.

With the globalization of the economy in India and the growing affluence of its large middle class, studying in developed countries like USA, UK, Canada and English-speaking countries has become a very viable option for tens and thousands of Indian students at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional levels. The major reasons cited for this increase are better quality of education, cultural diversity, building up a cosmopolitan outlook, flexibility and wide range of courses/careers to pick from and, above all, unmatched research and development, and facilities available across all courses in these countries. A large number of well-qualified and financially-able Indian students are interested in opportunities for higher in USA.

USA UnivQuest has 9 centres all over India and trains students from Class 9 to 12, 12th Pass to take the SAT (Reasoning), SAT Subjects, Advanced Placement, and TOEFL tests. The good news is that these tests are far less challenging than the Indian entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET etc. Besides test preparations, short listing of Universities abroad, application procedures for College admission, brainstorming of essays, application assistance for different web portals, scholarship details, visa interview etc. are also taken care of.

USA UnivQuest has programs designed to provide the best personalized professional training to suit each individual student’s requirements, learning abilities and schedule. Besides the mandatory tests mentioned above, the concept-based learning approach also prepares for school grades. The training programs are comprehensive and tailored to suit the needs of each individual student. The training caters not only to science streams but to other areas of study such as arts and humanities, political science, liberal arts, economics and even medical. Our faculty and admission officers are ready to help students fulfill all their dreams of a world class education.

This year’s admit have brought not just laurels but are the jewel in the crown of USA UnivQuest and calls for a celebration. To felicitate the 20 students of the Chennai centre who have made it to overseas universities for their Undergraduate studies, USA UnivQuest is organizing a celebratory function on 28th April, 2018 at Maharishi Vidya Mandir School campus. It has been planned to laud all the students who made it in a big way.


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