June 10, 2023

The book launch of Rajinism 2.0

  1. The book launch of Rajinism 2.0

    Chennai  29 July 2018:

    Rajinism 2.0 book launch event was


  1. an immense success.  More than 50 guests attended the launch. The eminent personalities who were seen at the event were SP Muthuraman, Y Gee Parthasarathy, CK Kumaravel, Arun Prakash, Karunakaran and many others. The Crowd were inspired by what Director Sp Muthraman had to say about our Thalaivar. He said that, ‘when everybody here asked me to talk about Rajini, I did not know what to say about him because there are a lot of interesting things about him that I can share. It is solely his hardwork that paid off to who he is today”. All of them spoke a few words about our superstar in the event and they shared their experiences.  The book was launched by our chief guest SP Muthuraman and free copies were distributed to the guests.  Finally the event came to end with a mind blowing performance by Shravan Sridhar, a budding violinist.

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