November 30, 2023

Velaikkaran Movie Images & News

Velaikkaran Movie Images & News

Sivakarthikeyan Press Note on Velaikkaran

The Tinsel Town has witnessed the occurrence of two classifications – One being born with stardom and other achieving it with consistent hard work. Sivakarthikeyan absolutely belongs to the latter category, whose growth in career is highly acclaimed by people of Tamil Nadu. His upcoming release ‘Velaikkaran’ has already created a monstrous hype across universal audiences. The film directed by Mohan Raja and is bankrolled by 24AM Studios RD Raja has already witnessed a phenomenal scenario with advanced ticket bookings. Thanks to Mohan Raja’s enormous brand, Sivakarthikeyan’s enchanting mass appeal, brilliant star-cast, top-notch technical team and RD Raja’s huge production values. 
Speaking about the journey of Velaikkaran, Sivakarthikeyan says, “I am a strong believer of ‘Luck’. Of course, ‘Luck’ can give you opportunities, but its hard work that will nurture your success. I feel lucky enough for having got an opportunity to be a part of Velaikkaran. I would say with complete pride that ‘Content’ is the hero in Velaikkaran and we as actors and technicians have given our best to be on pars with it. Such is the amazing premise and script conceptualized by Mohan Raja sir. The film is set against the backdrops of labour class, who are actually the heart and soul of any society.  Everyone will easily reflect and relate with the story, which we believe would the greatest favour for Velaikkaran.” 
Adding more about the team, Sivakarthikeyan utters, “Every member in the cast and crew has exerted more energy than what was actually required of them. I feel so much gleeful and fortunate to have worked with such a great team.  The immense support, encouragement and dream of producer RD Raja sir along with Mohan Raja sir’s story, narration and tremendous has added its Midas-touch to the Velaikkaran. I am confident that audience will own ‘Velaikkaran’, enjoy and appreciate the content and our efforts. The film holds such a theme that it can be related and reflected by the audience beyond boundaries and language barriers“.

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