Chennai, October 2019: Kauvery Hospital successfully launches its first memory clinic in Chennai. Inaugurated by Mr. Gobinath, one of Chennai’s renowned TV anchors, the memory clinic will provide assessment and diagnosis of dementia and offer ongoing support and information to people with memory problems and their caregivers.
The services offered at the memory clinic are specialist memory services that can be undertaken by people of any age who are experiencing memory difficulties, which includes early onset dementia.
Speaking about the services, Dr Prithika Chary,Senior Consultant Neurologist & Neurosurgeon, Kauvery Hospital said, “The memory services at the clinic will include a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s memory that ensures a diagnosis is given as soon as possible, if dementia is identified as an issue. Once the diagnosis is given, the services will support individuals in coming to terms with their diagnosis and useful strategies and treatments will be provided that will help people in minimising their memory difficulties.”
The inaugural event witnessed discussions and briefings by neurologists and psychiatrists of Kauvery hospital on various types of dementia, depression, memory and psychiatric disturbances. The doctors also spoke on the common symptoms and how these services and support will be required by people who have difficulty in remembering and doing their day-to-activities as these difficulties might result in frustration, anger, high levels of stress and a feeling of isolation. 
Speaking at the event as a chief guest, Mr. Gobinath Chandran of Neeya Naana fame said, “I congratulate and thank Kauvery Hospital, for the launch of the first memory clinic in Chennai. These services will be of great boon and benefit to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Through this launch, we hope they feel a sense of comfort and support as they cope with their memory loss”
The memory clinic will operate between 3 pm and 5 pm under the guidance of Ms Tinu, Psychologist. Additionally, a support group meeting with activities and memory screening for Dementia patients and caregivers will be held on the second Wednesday of every month between 2-5 PM at Kauvery Hospital


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