DARBAR celebrated by CK’s Bakery as a tribute to Friends of Polic 

DARBAR celebrated by CK’s Bakery as a tribute to Friends of Polic 

Chennai 9th January 2020: As the celebrations rejoice at the doorsteps of theatres for Thalaivar starrer DARBAR, CK’s Bakery known for its weighty spirit of celebration went the extra mile in glorifying the pride of Tamil Nadu, ‘Friends of Police’. These ‘Real Heroes’ were lauded for their community’s contribution towards humanization and socialization of the police force.

As Rajinikanth sports the khakias the SUPERCOP after two decades, this could be the ideal occasion to honour the aspiring Police of our gen. FOP is a Community Policing initiative that bridges the gap between police and the people by sharing power with ordinary citizens. CK’s Bakery celebrates these friends for the release of DARBAR being a cop story by offering one of their exuberant cakes at their premises.

Commenting on the celebration, Prof. G. Lourduswami – State Administrator, Friends of Police Headquarters, Tamil Nadu, said, “We are overwhelmed by 

the appreciation offered by CK’s Bakery for our duty and services. It is great for acknowledging our Police-hoodon the instance of such a blockbuster movie release like DARBAR.



About CK’s Bakery: CK’s Bakery is a young and fast growing bakery chain with over 70+ outlets in Chennai.  The brand represented by a cycle stands for simplicity and affordability by providing premium quality products at affordable prices. With a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies offered in elegant ambience, CK’s Bakery brings to foodies a variety of delicacies from across the globe. CK’s Bakery was the 

first in Chennai to introduce Panini sandwiches in Tamil Nadu and continues to put internationally rejoiced delicacies on your plates.


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