Chennai Fetal Care sets the stage to provide advanced ultrasound scanning and diagnosis for fetal abnormalities and fetal therapy in Chennai”



Chennai, February 13, 2020

Chennai Fetal Care (CFC), a newly opened State-of-the-art centre of international repute to diagnose fetal abnormalities and provide fetal therapy including fetal surgery while the baby is still inside the womb.

This concept is a brain child of Dr. Gowrishankar Paramasivam, who is an internationally published fetal medicine expert who returns to India from the U.K after working over 15 years as fetal medicine specialist in London. The centre was inaugurated jointly by Prof. Kypros Nicolaides (Professor of Fetal Medicine, Kings College Hospital London and Director Fetal Medicine Foundation UK) and Prof Suresh Seshadri, Director Mediscan, Chennai.

The 2000 sqft facility located in the prime area of Anna Nagar, is designed to provide in house services for performing ultrasound scans during pregnancy to international standards. In addition, it also provides services for non-invasive prenatal diagnostics, invasive fetal testing, fetal therapy, Fetal MRI, Genetics and Tele-medicine. The centre is equipped with high-end ultrasound scanners and medical equipment to provide the necessary clinical service.

Speaking at the Press Conference Dr. Gowrishankar Paramasivam, Founder Director, Chennai Fetal Care said, “Chennai Fetal Care endeavours to offer support to every expectant mother and her unique needs, ensuring compassionate, individualised care for pregnancies by providing the best possible care for the unborn child based on robust scientific information. With a holistic approach combined with comprehensive counselling, screening and diagnostic testing for fetal abnormalities, CFC ensures that the couples receive relevant and appropriate information and support to make an informed choice on the treatment for their unborn”.

Based on the report on the NHP Portal- India, the prevalence of birth defects in our country is around 6-7%, which translates to around 1.7 million birth defects annually. In addition, medical complications and fetal complications that may during pregnancy pose addition risks and burden resulting in increased morbidity and mortality.

“According to a community survey on awareness and use of obstetric ultra-sonography, only about 60% of women in India get ultrasound done during pregnancy on a regular basis. To make this 100% we need to train and empower large number of doctors to undergo training in advanced obstetric ultrasound scanning to provide the necessary care for the community. This will not only enhance their competency levels but will also encourage a greater number of women to get their ultrasound scans done during their pregnancies to international standards. This is exactly what Chennai Fetal Care Centre endeavours to do. Our training, research and development programmes will help improve the clinician’s understanding of fetal abnormalities and familiarize them with the current evidence-based treatment and management of abnormalities in the field of Fetal medicine” he added.

Highlighting CFC’s international collaborations and networking, Dr Gowrishankar said that CFC will leverage on his wealth of international associations and rich experience in the field of fetal medicine to promote research and participate in international clinical trials which would improve the standard of care by following published guidelines and protocols. CFC will also be developing training programmes in collaboration with institutions of international repute in the field of fetal care by engaging Global health care experts to assist patients and doctors in providing specialised consultations and expert opinions in complex clinical conditions. This will not only improve the quality of their practice but will also help them stay ahead in the field of fetal care.

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