“Launch of India’s First and largest infertility support ecosystem”

Commemorating the Sexual & Reproductive Health Day 2021, WeCanConceive, a public awareness initiative and first-of-its-kind infertility support ecosystem has been launched. This platform will provide information about infertility awareness and support for couples having difficulties with infertility, challenges with conception. The ecosystem will help such individuals to successfully traverse through their fertility journey.

This sexual and reproductive health awareness ecosystem brings together a global compendium of care givers, renowned fertility experts, media partners, health influencers and social enterprises. Together, we can bring a positive and strong ecosystem for treating infertility and help couples experience the joy of parenthood.


Speaking at the launch of the initiative Oasis Fertility COO Mr Sudhaker Jadhav explained that there are several couples out there who go through the challenges of infertility all by themselves and have a tough time finding the right solutions and support.


“The idea of #WeCanConceive is to be able to bring all the stakeholders together and provide an ecosystem for those dealing with infertility all of the help at one place,” he said.


“Couples who experience infertility often feel isolated and have to go through many barriers when trying to build their family. The silence and stigma that sometimes surrounds infertility topics or diagnoses is what we aim to eliminate together,” added Oasis Fertility Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist Dr Vasundara Jagannathan She also commented on the declining status of the fertility rates by presenting the statistics as follows.


Total Fertility Rate in India is on Decline

Year  Births per Woman  Annual % Change
31-12-1950 5.907  
31-12-1951 5.906 -0.02
31-12-1961 5.892 -0.03
31-12-1971 5.535 -1.13
31-12-1981 4.799 -1.19
31-12-1991 4.006 -2.13
31-12-2001 3.277 -2.06
31-12-2011 2.556 -3.03
31-12-2021 2.179 -0.95



The objectives of the initiative would be to inform & inspire couples, improve awareness on sexual & productive health, and imbue a sense of empowerment. This will be done by offering safe, affordable, and high quality assistive reproductive technologies, while creating an environment of positivity and hope for improving infertility outcomes.


Oasis India welcomes you to come and be a part of this initiative, you can do so even if you do not have the challenges of infertility – someone you know might do so. Spread the word, spread the positivity of hope that we wish to bring to the lives of those dealing with infertility.


“Many times, it is hope and assurance that is the key to helping many patients. Scientific advancements have now helped us unlock several possibilities to assisted reproduction, so definitely there are ways and means available to be explored, but before we do that we’d like people to have the hope that it is possible. We want to give them all the tools, support and information to start believing, that is what #WeCanConceive is all about,” concluded Oasis Fertility Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist Dr Vasundara Jagannathan.

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