Sathyalok Charitable Trust Dialysis Centre – Porur, meant for Dialysis Services at Subsidized Price, Inaugurated

Sathyalok Charitable Trust Dialysis Centre – Porur, established jointly by Rotary Club of Chennai Capital, Madras West Round Table 10, and Sathyalok Charitable Trust to provide dialysis services at a subsidized price for the poor, was inaugurated here today. 

The Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation (TANKER Foundation) is roped in to provide dialysis services and operate the centre. Among the major donors include Mr Sanjay Lulla, an industrialist. While dialysis in private hospitals can cost anywhere from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500, the centre is set to offer it at a subsidized rate of Rs 375 per session. It is also exploring ways to offer the service free of cost in future. 

Constructed at the cost of Rs 3 crore, the 20-bed dialysis centre, houses a 5,000 sq.ft. building, well-equipped with 20 modern dialysis equipment. It will function from 8 am to 4 pm every day, including Sundays. The centre is expected to cater to 40 patients a day, impacting in a year close to 15,000 lives who suffer from kidney related issues. 

Mr J Sridhar, District Governor, Dist 3232, Mr. Sanjay Lulla, Mr Subash Goel, Mr Prem Watwani, and Mr Mukesh Kubchandani of Sathyalok Charitable Trust, participated as chief guests at the inaugural function. Guests of Honour were: Dr Georgi Abraham and Mr Reji Abraham of TANKER Foundation, RTN. Ambalavanan M, District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, RTN.Ravi Raman, TR. Arpit Shah, TR. Dileep Anirudh, TR. Rajesh Bohara, LMF TR. Kartic Ramesh, and TR. Vijaya Raghavendra. The inaugural event was organised by the office bearers of Rotary Club of Chennai Capital: RTN VeeraShivaaji, RTN. Apoorva Modi, and RTN. Aloke Mimani.

Commenting about the dialysis centre, Mr. Rajiv Sampat, President, Rotary Club of Chennai Capital and Mr. Dushyant Mehra, Chairman, Madras West RTI 10 said, “Dialysis is the process of removing excess water, and toxins from the blood in people whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally. With the population of kidney patients increasing at an alarming rate in Chennai, the need for dialysis services is shooting up. Dialysis needs to be done 2-3 times a week for a patient but it is an expensive process, and the poor can’t afford it. Hence, we have made it a part of our healthcare mission to increase the dialysis facilities in Chennai. We are indebted to Sathyalok Charitable Trust, and we thank our donors, especially Mr Sanjay Lulla, and our members for their contributions for helping us to create a world class dialysis centre at Porur for the poor and the underprivileged.”

Rotary Club of Chennai Capital is one of the premier Rotary Clubs in the country today. It is involved extensively in the running of hospitals, schools and relief camps. Madras West Round Table 10 is engaged in healthcare and ‘Freedom through Education’ projects.