Billroth Hospitals launches Liver Transplant Centre

Billroth Hospitals launches Liver Transplant Centre

Billroth Hospitals launches Liver Transplant Centre Successfully performs liver transplant for a 62 year old man

Chennai, 23rd September 2021 : Billroth Super Speciality Hospitals, one of the leading hospitals in Chennai has successfully performed a liver transplant surgery for a 62 year old man. With this, the hospital also marks the launch of Liver Transplant Centre. The inauguration was done by Thiru. Ma. Subramanian, Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family welfare, Tamil Nadu .

The patient, from Bangalore, was affected by Cirrhosis due to infection of Hepatitis B. He was diagnosed for Hepato Cellular carcinoma (primary liver cancer). Speaking further on the case, Dr Elankumaran, Liver Transplant Surgeon, says “The patient was examined for the intensity of Cirrhosis and we found him to be fit for a liver transplant. A brain dead patient’s family was willing for organ donation hence this patient was taken for deceased donor liver transplantation. The patient was then shifted to the ICU for post-operative care where he was given immunosuppressive medications and monitored for any infections. His liver functions were normal after the transplant and he was discharged on the fifth day.”

Liver Transplantation is the best option for a patient who is diagnosed with end-stage liver cirrhosis or cancer. The transplantation not only cures the cancer but also prevents the recurrence of cancer. The need for Liver Transplants numbers around 25,000 cases per year in India (both living and cadaver), however the current capacity is about 2,000 Liver Transplants per year. Timely diagnosis and intervention can prevent death.

The Liver Diseases and Transplant centre will be headed by Dr. Elankumaran, who has performed over 1,700 transplants in his career. The team will also consist of highly qualified surgeons such as Dr.Sugi Subramaniam, Dr.Sivaraj & Dr Sankar Narayanan, Anaesthetists – Dr.Kulaseharan, Dr.Hari Balakrishnan, Dr.Rengarajan and Dr.Suresh. Expert post -operative care with well-equipped infrastructure ensures faster and safer recovery. An expert and well trained team of nurses, post-operative care specialists and paramedics aid in the recovery process of Liver Transplant patients to ensure optimal outcomes.