Buddhi Clinic hosts a webinar on “seizures and autism- exploring the brain behaviour interface. Celebrates its 12th Anniversary of integrated brain & mind care.

Buddhi Clinic hosts a webinar on “seizures and autism- exploring the brain behaviour interface. Celebrates its 12th Anniversary of integrated brain & mind care.

Buddhi Clinic with branches in Chennai and Coimbatore is hosting a webinar on “Seizures & Autism”. Epilepsy characterised by repeated seizures is considered the most common serious neurological disorder. In children epilepsy can be devastating in its impact and be accompanied by Neurodevelopmental difficulties that affect cognition and intellect, motor function and behaviour. Autism Spectrum disorders are a condition of increasing public health importance. They affect language, communication, socialisation and emotional expression in children starting from about 2 years of age and can be the cause of poor educational attainment as well as considerable behavioural difficulties. In a proportion of children the two conditions overlap and in a larger proportion the electroencephalogram is abnormal in association with behavioural disability, even with clinical seizures (fits) not being observed. In this webinar two experts affiliated with the renowned Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, USA, Dr. Jay Salpekar a pediatric neuropsychiatrist and Dr. Joshua Ewen a Neurodevelopmental Physician interact with Buddhi Clinic founder and well known Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy. The doctors in this dialogue will address the gamut of concerns at this interesting and important interface:

  • the role of the brain in these disorders
  • the role of genetics and neurobiology in particular
  • the importance of brain imaging to understand what is going on
  • recent advances in diagnosis and treatment
  • the interaction between aberrant brain activity in seizures and autism spectrum behaviours, indeed other behaviours in children so affected

Please attend the webinar and glean these unique insights (see attachment)

On the occasion Buddhi Clinic launched several important milestones for future growth.

  • Buddhi Online its proposed, innovative, app based Do it Yourself (DIY) kit therapy program supported by specialists through video call: Buddhi Clinic has signed a five year agreement with Natural Minds a healthcare technology company to facilitate the same
  • Its unique Buddhi Seva effort – 30 treatment programs of INR 30000 each to those in need; support by CSR and philanthropy, Buddhi Seva makes care affordable to a wider audience of people in society, according to Buddhi Clinic’s founder Dr. Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy
  • Its novel Multiple Intelliegences approach to care and the forthcoming inauguration of its first MI lead OT suite and services at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Its new membership program that enables patients with long standing complaints derive a range of unique benefits.

Left to Right…

  1. Prof. Jay Salpekar
    Associate Professor of Neurology & Psychiatry
    Johns Hopkins University Medical School
  2. Dr. Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy (Middle)
    Behavioral Neurologist &
    Neuropsychiatrist, Founder Buddhi Ciinic
  3. Prof. Joshwa Ewen
    Associate Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University Medical School.