Naturals Beauty Salon launches Korean beauty brand products in India! 2 days ago

India’s no. 1 family salon and spa – Naturalstoday (24th Dec) announced that it has collaborated with the Korean beauty products giants – Cosmerit, to launch new range of K-Beauty (Korean beauty) wellness products to the Indian market. These products will be available among all Naturals Salon branches across India from 2022.

With online business taking a huge stride during this pandemic period and Nykaa playing as an avenue for lots of local and International beauty products to showcase itself to the customers, the Indian customer’s aspirations and expectations has also grown accordingly.

Keeping in mind these factors Naturals Salon was scouting for a good international brand to associate with, to reach to their customers’ needs and satisfy them while they enter the salon, as well as through their online network.

Cosmerit is a Korean company which focuses on beauty products and it infuses futuristic science and nature in all of their products. They are currently in Chennai to sign an MOU to take things forward.

Naturals Salon Founder, Ms. K. Veena Kumaravel and Co-founder Mr. CK Kumaravel said that “Naturals Salon will keep looking to introduce these unique brands and make them available to the local market. Some prominent Cosmerit products such as – Cosmerit activating toner essence for Rs.1782/-, Cosmerit deep boosting serum for Rs.1878/- and finishing luminant cream for Rs.1982/- will be available at Naturals from Jan 2022”