Superstar Rajinikanth Unveils The Cover Of The New Age Graphic Novel ‘Atharva: The Origin’, Featuring MS Dhoni

Chennai, 24th February, 2022: The first copy of MS Dhoni’s magnum opus new-age graphic novel ‘Atharva:The Origin’ was released by Superstar Rajinikanth. The makers of the project have now announced that fans can now pre-order the book on commencing today, putting an end to all eager anticipations. The hardcover book has been priced at Rs.1499 at a special pre-order price.

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The makers of Atharva: The Originunveiled the front cover of the book, in which MS Dhoni was seen in a totally distinct look than that of the previous look seen in the motion poster that came out earlier this month. Clad in a golden armor suit with the unmistakable air of a superhero, the glimpses of Dhoni with his vintage long hair and buff looks has caught the attention of fans, leaving them wanting for more.

Commenting on the occasion, AuthorMr.RameshThamilmani said “We launched the first looks of Atharva: The Origin a few weeks ago, and the overwhelming response we have received from MS Dhoni fans and avid book lovers alike has been nothing short of surreal. Rajini sir recognizing our work, and releasing the first copy just adds to the layer of excitement we’re already feeling. Although Atharva is my first book, I got the opportunity to work on it alongside one of my favorite real-life superheroes. I am grateful for MSD’s faith in me and my narrative, and the way he worked with me closely to achieve the best results possible. We can’t wait for the readers to experience this new way of immersive storytelling through the world of Atharva.”

He also went on to add “I would like to thank the project head Mr. Velmohan sir and the producers  Mr.VincentAdaikalaraj, and Mr.Ashok Manor, for believing in this project. Our team worked tirelessly for years to bring my vision to life, and I owe them a debt of gratitude at this time. I am confident that aficionados of superhero and action stories, as well as admirers of MS Dhoni, would enjoy this book and find it to be a unique reading experience.”

Along with the purchase of the book, readers also get access to an exclusive AR app wherein one can scan the pages to experience 3D models of the characters, as well as some short games set in the imaginary world of Atharva.The book is said to be the first novel in India to introduce the Augmented Reality feature.

Adding to this, MS Dhoni said “Atharva: The Origin is a project I am thrilled to be a part of. It is an interesting project put together by a team of talented and passionate individuals. Rajini sir has recognised and appreciated the team’s work and we are elated that he has released the first copy of our book.”

Watch the official trailer of Atharva: The Origin here:

Atharva:The Origin, a new-age graphic novel authored by Ramesh Thamilmani and featuring MS Dhoni, is now available for pre-orders,  exclusively on The book is priced at Rs.1499 as a special pre-order offer, along with free shipping valid for 30 days.