SIMS Hospital Launches Revolutionary Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Machine to treat Skin Ailments

Chennai 6 June, 2022: SIMS Hospital, a leading multispecialty hospital in Chennai launched CO2 Laser machine for skin resurfacing treatment. The Institute of Craniofacial, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ICAPS) in the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology; CO2 Laser machine will be the latest innovation to the department.

CO2 laser skin resurfacing is an extensive treatment requiring minimal downtime. The procedure adopts CO2 Laser technology to provide total skin resurfacing, which is safe, quick and highly effective. Conventional methods of skin resurfacing have long recovery times and other complications. People can now opt for the latest non-invasive procedure with minimal recovery time. The CO2 laser machine acts upon the collagen layer of the skin. The collagen layer of the skin is the most important layer that is responsible for the texture of skin. CO2 Laser addresses everything from resurfacing and smoothening of the skin to anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments of the skin.

Dr. K R Sharmatha – Consultant, Aesthetic Dermatologist, SIMS Hospital, said “The introduction of advanced CO2 Laser machine will set a benchmark in skin treatments.  We can treat all types of skin conditions, scars due injury, post traumatic scars and post Acne scars. People used to undergo plastic surgery for these kinds of scars and also surgical treatments for ageing. With this non-invasive procedure, our fractionated carbon dioxide laser machine has least amount of side effects, and it acts mildly on the skin with lesser healing time.  CO2 machine delivers superficial energy into the skin, creating tiny white ablated dots of tissue through the skin layers. This results in an inflammatory response that stimulates new collagen and proteoglycan production. As a result of this the thickness and hydration of the dermis is improved. This helps achieve a healthier and supple appearance

of the skin. The treatment can be complemented with other treatments to help with the regeneration of the cells. Its ideal for those with busy lifestyles, as it provides amazing results with minimal recovery time. It offers total skin rejuvenation is an affordable option than a surgery”


Dr. Raju Sivasamy, Vice President, SIMS Hospital, said, “We at SIMS Hospital always laid onus on giving the best to our patients. With the introduction of CO2 laser machine we offer world class procedures under one roof. We have invested a lot in Cutting edge technology and always been a frontrunner in bringing the best and latest in medical technology”.


About SIMS: SIMS Hospitals (SRM Institutes for Medical Science) is one of the leading multi-specialty hospitals in Chennai. This 345-bed hospital offers comprehensive healthcare experience across a wide range of specialties, including multi-organ transplant services. The hospital houses 15 modular OTs, 3 state-of-the-art Cath labs (including 1 Bi-plane Cath lab), advanced ICUs with Hepa-filters and innovative medical technologies, all under one roof. With the finest combination of experience, expertise, cutting-edge technology and well-coordinated multi-specialty Quaternary care facilities and patient-centric teamwork; SIMS Hospital Chennai is committed to deliver services of international standards. SIMS Hospital offers holistic health care that includes prevention, prophylactic treatment and care, rehabilitation and lifestyle health education and guidance to patients, their families, and clients. At SIMS, every step is aimed at ensuring excellence in patient care.