I. The fifth edition of the cinema exhibition industry’s most awaited big cine expo 2022 is set to make its comeback after 2 years.

II. It is the only convention & trade show for the single-screen, multiplex, malls and theatrical distribution industry in asia and india.

Big Cine Expo is set to roll out its carpet in Chennai for the international tradeshow and convention at Chennai Trade Centre (CTC), India. This exceptionally unique and exclusive event will provide enormous prospects for networking and business opportunities, while it serves as a one-stop-shop for local cinemas. Once again Big Cine Expo promises an interactive platform that will add value to single-screen cinemas, multiplex cinemas, B2B stakeholders of cinema and entertainment. Being the only cinema exhibition convention and trade show in Asia and India, the event aids as a learning centre for building best-in-class cinemas.

The 2-day event facilitates a platform for discovery, collaboration and networking for the cinema exhibition industry in India. The event will facilitate Product Displays, Demos, Product Presentations, Studio Presentations, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Awards Programs, Special Events, Film Screenings as well as B2B meetings and trade shows.

“It is wonderful to know that Network208 is organising the 5th edition of Big Cine Expo after a gap of two years at Chennai. Big Cine Expo is held in high esteem for all stakeholders in the cinema exhibition industry as a means to network with the who’s who in the film business. The last two years have been quite challenging for the film exhibition industry due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But thanks to the movie-going culture and love for films among audiences, we have started witnessing a ‘V’ shape recovery in the Theatrical and Film business. This year, PVR is celebrating an important milestone in its 25th year of operations and we wish the organisers and TheatreWorld all success for the expo in this landmark year” says Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Limited, Ajay Bijli.

“The exhibition business in India is the most ignored aspect of film industry. I have always been a great believer in the strength of India’s exhibition sector; I think Big Cine Expo is the only event which brings single-screen, multiplexes, specialised distribution, technology and all kinds of aspects under one roof and celebrates them. I am really excited to be a part of this event. I want to thank everyone for honouring me but more than that I want to be present with the experts and learn how we can collaborate and innovate to take our film industry forward and ensure that we have good cinema exhibition in every single part of India” says Director, screenwriter and author, Vivek Agnihotri.

“Domestic as well as international entities unite together, socialize and share their thoughts. I’m really looking forward to attend the event and witness some great work and some innovative concepts. Such initiatives are really helpful for entrepreneurs in the cinema industry and ancillary businesses” says filmmaker Subhash Ghai.

“Of all the awards that I have received, receiving this award at Big Cine Expo as an appreciation for my contribution means much more because I would rather get a packed house in a theatre than five star reviews. I have witnessed the journey of cinemas from sitting on wooden seats to the quality that is provided today. I have travelled over, and nowhere in the world is the cinematic experience better than India’s, our quality and standards are unmatched” said filmmaker, choreographer and actor Farah Khan.

Despite the pandemic and its aftermath, India continues to emerge as one of the fastest growing economies with the entertainment sector playing an essential role. With an immense amount of groundwork done in the past three years, Big Cine Expo is geared up to offer a thriving environment for exhibitors and limitless networking. It offers an opportunity to both national and international manufacturers and supplies to present their products and services as well as to share their industry knowledge.

Professionals attending Big Cine Expo 2022 will include theatre owners, design consultants, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, project management professionals, distributors, studios, industry stakeholders and the user community for single-screen and multiplex cinema entertainment in Asia and India.


The event continues to host its accredited IMAX Big Cine Awards alongside stimulating panels and presentations. It will include categories like-
 India’s Top Multiplex Chain of the Year
 Best Multiplex Theatre of the Year
 Best Single-Screen Theatre of the Year
 Best Technology Adopter of the Year
 Innovative Technology of the Year
 Most Trusted Brand of the Year
 Special Achievement Award

Network208 is a leading media company providing a better platform for the cinema and entertainment B2B business domestically and internationally. Network208 publishes a quarterly magazine ‘TheatreWorld’ and organises the international tradeshow and convention for single-screen, multiplex cinemas and malls known as ‘Big Cine Expo.’

Asian countries are surging ahead. India is one of the world’s emerging economies with the entertainment sector occupying a dominant position. In fact, the Indian cinema industry is second only to Hollywood in size. South India, having the highest number of cinema screens and the highest number of movie releases, is the top market for cinema exhibition in India. There is a huge appetite for technical know-how and equipment owing to the untapped potential in the cinema theatre market in India and the other Asian countries. And here lies an opportunity for a viable platform in India.


India has been a leading consumer of cinema content, and in turn a leading market for the cinema exhibition industry. With an extensive demand for cinematic experiences, India has established itself as a pioneer in the industry. India therefore becomes a fitting market and location to host the elaborately exclusive Big Cine Expo!

Chennai is well renowned as the southern hub of entertainment, finance and commerce in India, with Chennai Trade Centre offering one of the best infrastructures for showcasing.


 Cinema Theatre Owners
 Theatre Top Management
 Cinema Theatre Contractors
 Theatre Consultants
 Cinema Consultants
 Mall Operators
 Cinema Interior Designers
 Theatre Managers
 Architects
 Concession Suppliers
 F&B Operators
 Theatre Technicians
 AV Installers
 Projectionists
 Sound Specialists
 Lighting Specialists
 Acoustical Consultants
 Top Studio Operators
 Cinema Distributors

 Screens
 3D System
 3D Glasses
 4D System
 Digital Cinema
 E-Cinema
 Projectors
 Speakers
 Security System
 Amplifiers
 Processor
 Servers
 Seating
 Lighting
 Signage
 Acoustics
 Carpets
 Concession
 In-Theatre Dining
 Box-office
 Lamps
 Architecture
 Amusement
 Gaming
 Immersive Seating
 Ticketing
 Kiosks
 Mobile Payment
 Cables
 Popcorn
 Merchandise
 Real Estate
 Cinema Interiors
 Franchising
 Cinema Automation