TSF Group launches its new product line for the global market at IAA’22

TSF Group launches its new product line for the global market at IAA’22
With globally trusted products in axles, braking and wheels curated to meet the stringent mobility needs of the European market, the group is leveraging its 60+ years of expertise in both heavy commercial and off-highway vehicle segments.

Axle India’s Trailer Axle with Brakes India’s 22.5 Single Piston Air Disc Brake and Milled Wheel from Wheels India exhibited at the IAA Transportation’22.

September 21, 2022; Chennai: The TSF Group, that derives its legacy from the erstwhile TVS group – one of the largest automotive groups based in India – is showcasing its new product offerings including axles, brakes & wheels aimed primarily at the global trailer market.
As a renowned Tier-1 supplier to global OEMs for over 60 years, the group strongly focuses on design, development, world-class quality, competitive cost and superior customer centricity.
Brakes India will be exhibiting its 22.5-inch light weight monobloc Single Piston Air Disk Brake for the first time at the IAA Transportation’22. The product is designed to cater to the truck, bus, and trailer applications. With its robust design tested to global standards, the product is expected to be a benchmark in the commercial vehicles segment.
“Brakes India is one of the largest braking system suppliers and our product range includes foundation brakes as well as complete air systems and hydraulic systems for commercial vehicles. At IAA Hannover, we are proud to present our exclusive single piston air disc brake that comes with proven design, field tested for over a million kilometers. Our design team has created the lightest design in the market with improved stiffness and durability. With over 6 decades of serving international customers, we are optimistic that we can serve OEMs and trailer manufacturers globally with our full range of products,” says Mr. Sriram Viji, Managing Director, Brakes India Private Limited, a TSF Group company.
Axles India will mark the opening of Day 01 with its 9T – 12T trailer axles that come with a higher strength, are fully dressed from hub to hub and compatible with air suspension. The axles come with an option for both disc and drum brakes.
“Over the last six decades, Wheels India and Axles India have made it a mission to be the benchmark in global quality with a focus on putting the customer first. We strive to keep evolving our approach to meet our customers’ needs. We believe the best innovation happens indoors with a world-class Research and Development team.” says Mr. Srivats Ram, Managing Director, Wheels India Limited, and Director, Axles India Limited; members of the TSF Group companies.
Wheels India will launch and exhibit their Painted Milled Wheel and Powder Matt Black Wheel for the commercial vehicle segment, suitable for Truck and Trailer application up to 5000 kg load.
“We understand the importance of the European market through our existing customers. We have always excelled in the expectations, and we endeavor to grow our footprints with innovative products.” Mr. Srivats Ram adds.
The key to TSF group’s success is the capability to transform, innovate and excel with dynamic market trends and customer requirements.
About the TSF Group: The TSF Group houses the companies managed by the T S Santhanam family, whose lineage stems from the erstwhile TVS Group. The group has diverse investments across financial services, automotive components, vehicle dealerships and parts distribution. The group portfolio includes Sundaram Finance, Sundaram Finance Holdings, Sundaram Home Finance, Royal Sundaram, Brakes India, Wheels India, Turbo Energy, Sundaram Motors, Axles India, Madras Auto Service and IMPAL, few of which are publicly listed entities. The group has revenues of ∼$2.5 billion, employs over 37,000 people across 1100 locations and is renowned for its long-term business outlook, corporate governance, sustainability and social responsibility.
Axles India Limited is the largest manufacturer of rear axle housings in India. The company has the capability to provide drive axle housings, trailer axle beams and hub reduction axle housings for the entire range of medium and heavy commercial vehicles. With over 4 decades of expertise in supporting customers to optimize the axle design, Axles India has exported over more than 1 million housings to North American markets.
Brakes India Private Ltd., founded in 1962, is the leading supplier of braking systems in the Indian market and the global supplier of ferrous castings. Over the 6 decades Brakes India has localized and assimilated global technologies through technology transfers, has built a strong in-house R&D capability, world-class manufacturing and supply chain operations with a reputation of providing high quality products, globally. With revenues touching ∼INR 5000 crores (∼$626 million), Brakes India is the leading manufacturer of braking systems for passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles & tractors. The world-class Brakes India Foundry produces over 150,000 tons of iron castings in India and another 36,000 tons in Oman to support the ever-expanding export requirement. It wears numerous feathers in its hat such as National Awards for Energy conservation; Leadership and Excellence Award in Safety, Health & Environment, TPM Excellence Award and the prestigious Deming Application Prize to name a few.
Wheels India Limited, established in 1962, is one of the largest steel wheel manufacturers in the world. The company had turnover of ∼INR 3700 crores (∼$459 million) coming from the segments of cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, single piece wheels and construction & earth mover wheels. The company also manufactures air suspension kits for trucks and buses.