Rollinbeat Live performance at Nexus Vijaya Mall Chennai

Chennai, 29th October, 2022: Chennai has always remained one of country’s richest musical havens. Paying tribute to that Nexus Vijaya Mall Chennai has geared up for yet another Live Band music Night at the mall this Saturday , 29th October between 6-8 pm. The mall will play host to city’s very own Rollinbeat band where a mix of self-learnt and professional musicians, along with composers and lyric writers rather serendipitously create a mesmerising vibe wherever they perform.

Rollinbeat was founded in the year of 2019 by RevathyNair & Benji JB and over the years has evolved to be one of the most popular commercial indie bands of the city , who not only brings out the best in indie music genre but also plays wide arenas of commercial music to perfection. They are going Live this weekend at Nexus Vijaya Mall Chennai and is all set to win the hearts of music lovers of the city with some enthralling performances. So head to Nexus Vijaya Mall  this Saturday where you can groove and sway to your hearts content in an open to all musical evening!