Sony BBC Earth celebrated Earth Day with Care for Earth, Care for Life campaign

Sony BBC Earth celebrated Earth Day with Care for Earth, Care for Life campaign

CHENNAI: Celebrating Earth Day in its own special day, Sony BBC Earth launched a campaign titled ‘Care for Earth, Care for Life’. Adding a dash of quirk, the channel curated three animated short films centered around serious environmental issues such as drought, global meltdown, and plastic impact on aquatic life. The videos shed light on the current scenario of the planet through animal characters such as elephants, polar bears, and blue whales.

To ensure the topics resonate well with the viewers, the films were creatively made to suit all audiences with a common message, ‘Care for Earth, Care for Life’. One of the videos portray Elephants facing a massive water crisis as they fight for their survival. It captures the fact that climate change has impacted the rainfall levels affecting life on Earth, including these majestic beings. In another video, the effect of the melting of sea ice on animals in the polar regions is showcased. Polar bears are seen swimming hundreds of miles in search of land and food. The third video focused on one of the biggest challenges we face today i.e., proper disposal of plastic altering habitats, and contributing to climate change. Capturing the impact of plastic on marine life in a very interesting way, the mini films portray how microplastics and industrial waste kill thousands of whales every year

The videos have been supported by eminent environment influencer Garvita Gulati – the Water Girl of India along with plant influencers Ann Mathew (Geeks of Green) and Ekta Chaudhary (Garden UP). They have also encouraged others to contribute in whichever way they can towards the planet. Sharing the campaign idea and the story behind it, Mad Over Marketing released a carousel post talking about ‘Care for Earth. Care for Life.’ The campaign has garnered a reach of over 2.47 million on the social media handles of Sony BBC

To create buzz around the launch, the channel released interesting posts centered around the three major issues impacting the planet. The posts brought forth eye-opening facts about the problems the planet has been facing echoing the criticality of the situation.


Rohan Jain, Business Operations Head – Sony AATH and Head – Marketing & Insights, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India.

 At Sony BBC Earth, we pride ourselves inbringing forth meaningful engagement for viewer. Taking this promise ahead, this Earth Day we curated animation videos based on compelling factual data. Fun, engaging, and yet thought-provoking, we hope content like these will travel far in making people aware of their carbon footprint affecting the balance of nature.”

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