“Finder” Audio Launch  

Finder Audio Launch Press Release
Finder, a gripping whodunit mystery thriller, produced bye Rafiq Subramaniam of Arabi Productions in association with Viyan Ventures Vinoth Rajendran is all set for the worldwide theatrical release shortly. During this juncture, the audio launch was held this morning (July 28, 2023) in the presence of the film’s cast and crew along with eminent personalities from the film industry.
Actor Charlie said, “This event is so close to my heart. It’s a great honour to have the ace Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu to grace this occasion. This film doesn’t have any leading heroes, and the ‘content’ is hero here. Everyone in the team has exerted earnest efforts, especially director Vinoth. More than a great lyricist, Vairamuthu is a good human. This film is created with lots of hard work and sincerity.”
Producer G Dhananjayan said, “I accepted to be a part of this event after looking Charlie in the poster. Charlie is a great actor, and is a great human. He is still actively performing in stage plays. I have a big request that he should act in 1000 movies. He has exhibited a natural and appealing performance in movies like Erumbu. I am confident that director Vinoth will gain good name with this movie. My best wishes to him and his entire team. Despite being one of the most prominent and celebrated lyricists, Vairamuthu sir has worked in this small budget movie, which is completely appreciable. I request media to take this movie and spread it across the public wholeheartedly.”
Music Director Surya Prakash said, “Vairamuthu is a great identity for this film. I still cannot overcome the disbelief that I had for years to work with him. I thank Charlie sir. He has delivered a phenomenal performance in this movie.  Everyone has done a remarkable job in this movie. I strongly believe everyone will love this film.”
Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu said, “I thank KT Kunjumon sir for for being here for this event. My humble greetings to Charlie and the entire team. I am first fan and last worker of film industry. Cinema isn’t just an entertainment, but university, where we learn lots of things. When the director and the music director came to my house, I observed them closely. It was clear that they came not only to tell stories, but to make history, I don’t see any newcomers, I only see their work, their work was wonderful, my congratulations to producer Subramanian, producers are rare to find in cinema today. The songs in this movie are not telling the story but telling an
event in the movie. It is easy to criticise in cinema but it is rare to find mass so anyone can write it, anyone can sing it, anyone can act in it but know Tamil well and do it this is what I request.. I asked to have a Tamil word for this film’s title, but they said it will be a problem in business for the film crew, although it is wrong for Tamil, I agreed to this because the producer is a Tamilian, Charlie is a good guy, he has been in this cinema for forty years, I wish his art to grow more and more. I have strong confidence that it will be a successful movie, and everyone will love it. My heartiest congratulations to the entire team.”
Producer K.T. Kunjumon said, “My greetings and thanks to the entire team for welcoming me to this event. New talents like this team should be encouraged and motivated so that Tamil cinema gets escalated to the next level. Charlie is a remarkable actor, and he has been acting from times of my first production. My heartiest wishes to producer Subramani. The film will definitely make a big time in the box office.”
Actor Sendrayan said, “Director Vinoth has given a tremendous hard work for this movie.  The entire crew has put in a lot of hard work and we have achieved the results. Vairamuthu sir joining us is a great support. Producer Subramani sir has taken good care of me, the film has turned out well, thank you all for liking this film.”
Arabi Productions Vetri said, “We have delivered good quality contents under the banner of Arabi Productions in Eelam for nearly 15 years. This is our maiden Tamil project, and we thank you all for the lovely reception. Director Vinoth is a boon to us. Besides, I thank lyricist Vairamuthu sir as well for being a part of this movie. He has given an identity to this movie. I thank Charlie sir for accepting to be a part of this movie. I thank the social media friends for being a great support for this film, from the time of launch. I thank everyone for being here for this event and making it special for us.”
Director-Producer Vinoth Rajendran said, “My humble thanks to Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu sir and Charlie sir for not alone being a part of this occasion, but extending a great support from the beginning of this project. Everyone in this team has worked so hard nourishing it as their own child. We have created what we envisaged before the shooting. We believe and hope that you all will like this movie. I request you all to support film, and encourage. I thank you all for being here for this event and making it special.”
Finder, is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, written, directed and produced by Vinoth Rajendran. The film features Charlie in a pivotal character, which becomes the absolute twist and turning point in this film with nitty-gritty thriller and mystery elements. The others in the star cast include Sendrayan, Abhilash, Gopinath, Sankar, Prana and many more prominent actors.
Technical Crew
Production House: Arabi Production & Viyan Ventures
Producers: Rafiq Subramaniam and Vinoth Rajendran
Direction: Vinoth Rajendran
Cinematography: Prashanth Velingiri
Editor: Tamizh Kumaran
Art: Ajay Sambandham
Music: Surya Prasath
PRO: A Raja