Sony BBC Earth premieres ‘Changing Planet’

Chennai: Sony BBC Earth, one of India’s most loved factual entertainment channels is all set to premiere ‘Changing Planet’. The show takes viewers on a pictorial tour of Earth’s most fragile ecosystems and the escalating environmental threats encircling them. The two-part series captures six bellwether territories bringing to the fore remarkable changes that have unfolded over the past two years through visual storytelling.

Produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, ‘Changing Planet’ is a seven-year natural history project that has six presenters visit six of the planet’s most threatened ecosystems to meet the people fighting to restore the Earth’s delicate balance. It delves into stories that reverberate across continents, revealing the interconnectedness of our global environment. Each episode serves as a powerful reminder that the issues faced in one corner of the world have far-reaching implications elsewhere. The show aims to portray how innovative solutions implemented in diverse regions can address environmental challenges, transcending borders and paving the way for a more sustainable future.