Gleneagles Healthcity Chennai Organises Walkathon for a Healthy Heart and Brain

Gleneagles Healthcity Chennai Organises Walkathon for a Healthy Heart and Brain

~ Actor Prasanna Flagged off and Participated the Walkathon ~
Chennai, October 29th, 2023: Gleneagles HealthCity Chennai, a leading multi-Speciality quaternary healthcare centre in Chennai, organised a walkathon to raise awareness about Heart and Brain Health on Sunday. Actor Prasanna flagged off the Walkathon off from National Institute of Ocean Technology and ended at Pallikaranai police station covering 4km. Wearing sneakers, track suits and t-shirts, hundreds of students from Asan Memorial College, Sathak College, Hindustan College, AMET University, SIVET College and staffs from Gleneagles HealthCity Chennai took part in the Walkathon.

The health of the brain and heart are strongly connected. While heart failure sometimes leads to cognitive impairment and dementia, poor mental health contributes to the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Lack of knowledge regarding symptoms of heart attack and brain stroke leads to the premature death of majority of patients in the age group of 30-69 years. The walkathon aimed to create awareness about this critical information.

Dr Alok Khullar, CEO, Gleneagles HealthCity Chennai, said that though it may appear that the brain and the heart function independently, researchers are uncovering a close connection between the two organs. “There is growing clarity about cardiovascular health impacting cognitive health. For example, blood pressure and stress impacts heart and brain health. Apart from professional help, lifestyle improvements, like changes in the diet, quality sleep and walking, can help in improving the wellness of the heart and brain. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise one can pick up to step into a healthy life,” added, Dr. Alok Khullar

” Walking has numerous benefits for cognitive function and it’s equally vital for the health of your brain. The Walkathon for a Healthy Brain is an excellent initiative that encourages everyone to take steps towards maintaining their brain’s vitality. I applaud this effort and encourage all to participate, as it’s a stride in the right direction for a healthy mind “said Dr Dinesh Nayak, Director of Neurology and Advanced Centre for Epilepsy, Gleneagles Healthcity Chennai

“Physical activity is a powerful prescription for a healthy heart. Walking is a simple yet effective way to keep your heart in good shape. The Walkathon for a Healthy Heart is not just an event; it’s a commitment to cardiovascular wellness”, Said, Dr Gopu P, Senior Consultant & Interventional Cardiologist, Gleneagles HealthCity Chennai.