Sony Global Education is organizing 5th Edition of Global Math Challenge (GMC)

Sony Global Education is organizing 5th Edition of Global Math Challenge (GMC)

Sony opens Registration for the 5thEdition of Global Math Challenge

 Chennai, 7thNovember, 2017:SonyGlobal Educationopens registration for the 5th Edition of Global Math Challenge(GMC),an online contest for Math lovers across age groups. The competition will help participants challenge their computational and cognitive thinking skillsto help them deal with day to day obstacles in a logical and creative way. With questions that focus on creative, logical thinking rather than formulas, GMC provides a space to compete with math fans all over the world from USA to Japan, China, India and beyond.GMChas previously been held four times worldwide where more than 250,000 challengers from over 85 countries participated.

The 5th GMC details are as below:

Date December 01, 2017 at 09:00 – December 10, 2017 at 23:00

*Participants can start the test at any time during the period

*GMC School users can set the test date to fit their schedule

Registration period November 06, 2017 – December 10, 2017
Result The results will be available approximately one week after the general test date
How to enter After signing up to GMC , the participants canregister as a challenger
Language English/Japanese/Chinese
How to answer The test consists of multiple choice and number entry questions. The participants can try some sample questions that will help ease them into the patterns of questions found in Global Math Challenge

Math lovers across India will be able to participate anywhere through a computer or mobile device, and test their skills against other math fans across the globe.

FiveDifferent Courses of Difficulty:

To adhereto the education level of participants,Global Math Challengewill be offered in 5 different courses of difficulty from Beginner level (Upto 6 Years Age) to Master level (12 Years and above).

Course Name Recommended Age Time Limit
Beginner Upto 6 Years 30 min
Essential 7 Years 30 min
Intermediate 8 Years – 9 Years 40 min
Advanced 10 Years – 11 Years 40 min
Master 12 Years and over 40 min

 Reward and Recognitions

All challengers who get a high score will receive a special digital certificate and the announcement will be made with the GMC name, score, area and age of the honour challengers.

GMC is managed by Sony Global Education and supported by The Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, The Global STEM Alliance of the New York Academy of Sciences, Beijing Gifted & Talented Education Technology Center.

 For more details regarding thechallenge, registration, sample questions and FAQs please visit Global Math Challenge (GMC)website.

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