Swami Vivekananda House turns blue.

Swami Vivekananda House turns blue due to Diabetes day by M.V.Hospitals, Royapuram.Chennai.



Record breaking ninth consecutive year activity to mark World Diabetes Day by M.V.HOSPITALS.

Bringing hope for the millions of people especialy women living with diabetes.

Chennai 13th Nov 2017, Creating a record in India by lighting Blue to various iconic buildings. Swami Vivekananda House, Accounts General Office, Queen Marys College, Higginbothams, Napier Bridge, LIC Building, Central Railway Station, Ribbon Building, Light House. were looks in blue lighting.

Dr. Vjay Viswanathan, head and Chief Diabetology M.V.Hospital for Diabetes, shown Wonen in diabetes are badly compared to Men and have poor in control in diabetes.

The theme of International Diabetes Federation on World Diabetes Day 14th of Nov 2017 is to focus on WOMEN & DIABETES.Our right for Healhy future. There are 199 million Women livng with diabetes, Nearly 313 million people will have diabetes in 2040.




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