“Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease within the Geriatric Population in Developing Countries” – by Dr. Georgi Abraham, Senior Consultant, Department of Nephrology, MGM Healthcare

Chennai, January 03, 2024: The launch of the much awaited book – “Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease in the Geriatric Population in Developing Countries” authored by Dr. Georgi Abraham, Senior Consultant in the Department of Nephrology, MGM Healthcare, along with Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad and Prof. Dr. Santosh Varughese, took place at MGM Healthcare. The book was launched by Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu, Thiru M.A Subramanian. 

This book accentuates treating cardiovascular and Kidney diseases in elderly people and aims to reinforce the idea of treating elderly individuals with respect and without perceiving them as a burden. It is specifically intended for fellow doctors and the medical community, encouraging them to recognize the significance of common diseases experienced by the elderly. The book predominantly focuses on the treatment modalities for elderly people above the age of 60 who have been undergoing various health issues due to ageing and genetic predisposition.

The book incorporates guidance from doctors across diverse countries who have contributed their perspectives on elderly healthcare and penned their suggestions on care for the elderly. The book will be a guide for doctors for treating elderly people with early diagnosis & prevention of heart attacks, stroke and kidney diseases. It provides guiding principles to professionals who are deeply involved in this field, such as specialists, sub-specialists in geriatric care, general healthcare practitioners, nurses and others.

The book is co-authored and edited by Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad and Prof. Dr.Santosh Varughese and the foreword is written by Vanita Jassal, Geriatric kidney specialist & Prof at the Toronto General Hospital, Canada.

The contribution of several Doctors in this book makes it so special and informative; the contributors are Dr Anjana (chapter 3), Dr Nandita (chapter 5), Dr Sunil Shroff (chapter 6), Dr Sanjeev Nair and Dr Priya Haridas Anupama (chapter 8), Dr Rajendran and Dr Srichandran and Ms Vijayashree(chapter 12), Dr Vivek Sundaram (chapter 13), Dr Aarthi Deepesh and Dr Jayanthi Arulneyam(chapter 14), Dr Vedapadma Priya Selvakumar (Chapter 15), Dr Poovini Soundararajan (chapter 16), Dr Edwin Fernando (chapter 18), Dr Urjitha Rajagopalan (chapter 19), Dr.Vinoi George David (Chapter 2), Dr. V.Chandrasekaran (chapter 6), Dr. Sudharsan Balaji(chapter 4). Doctors from Africa & South Asian countries have also contributed to making this book a success.

Doctors have identified that four major factors should be kept in mind while treating the elderly population including – Autonomy (giving them the choice of self-governance in their treatment but at the same time, the family’s input is essential), Beneficence (they should be treated with medication & dosages that apply to them and are not generic), Nonmaleficence and justice (providing proper justice in terms of treatment to the patients)

Dr Georgi Abraham, Senior Consultant, Department of Nephrology, MGM Healthcare and the Editor of this book said, “We are excited to announce that this book has been published by Cambridge Publications in English. The book also essentially addresses the Geriatric Population of developing countries and aims to benefit the people practicing healthcare and medicine and add a valuable source to physicians who are practicing medicine. The last chapter of this book talks about palliative care, and how elderly people affected with irreversible diseases should be given comfort, support (both physical & emotional) and care during the last stages of their life.”

Dr. Urjitha Rajagopalan, Director, MGM Healthcare, said, “Healthcare needs of the elderly population are complex and diverse, and it requires thought-leaders in various clinical domains to come together and share their expertise to provide a truly comprehensive approach to treatment. This book encapsulates exactly that, having been authored by clinicians across the country. We at MGM Healthcare are very proud to launch the book in the presence of Thiru M.A Subramanian, Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu, and hope this book will benefit the medical fraternity in advancing care for our ageing population.”