*Launch of Actor Jiiva’s Deaffrogs records Music Label

Actor Jiiva, who has been delivering critically and commercially successful films in Indian Cinema, completes 21 years in the industry.

Embarking on his journey ahead, he has ventured in music productuon. The launch of his music label Deaffrogs Records, a groundbreaking venture dedicated to championing independent artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their unique talents took place today in the presence of the Media and eminent celebrities from the industry like Actors Jayam Ravi, Karthi, Vishnu Vishal, Mirchi Shiva, Kalaiyarasan, Aadhav Kannadasan, Jithan Ramesh, Music Directors Vijay Antony, Santhosh Narayanan, Producer Ishari K Ganesh, Director Mohan G and others.

In an industry often dominated by mainstream narratives, the music label is committed to fostering creativity and individuality. According to Deaf Frogs, they believe that every artist deserves the opportunity to shine and share their distinct voice with the world.

This platform is designed to support independent artists at every stage of their careers, from discovery to global recognition. By embracing a diverse range of musical styles and genres, they aim to contribute to the richness and vibrancy of the music industry.

Speaking at the event, Actor Jiiva said, “Today we’re unveiling what we’ve been working on for the last one year- ‘Deaf Frogs’ music label. The company is also built to produce songs and short films for independent artists. We’ve introduced more than 40 new directors through our parent company Super Good Films. We are proud to introduce independent artistes through Deaf Frogs as well. Based on a short story told by ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth, ‘We have to keep doing our work without listening to anyone and progressing’ we came up with the name. Today we’re announcing what we’ve got going on for the music label company, which was created to produce songs and short films for independent artists. We take pride in introducing independent artists through this company, just as we have introduced more than 40 emerging directors through our parent company, Super Good Films. Based on the short story told by ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth, ‘We should keep doing our work without listening to anyone and progressing’, the company has been named as ‘Deep Frogs’. This institution will be an art gallery,” he said, welcoming everyone.


Santhosh Narayanan*

Later, when music director Santhosh Narayanan released the song ‘Puriya Vai’ by Killa.K’s independent artist, he said that his biggest independent song was ‘Enjoy Enjami’ and he is also planning to start a music label company. “I am happy that people like Jiiva are entering the field. If there are people like him with business acumen and artistic passion, the sky is the limit for independent artists. There are more than 6 lakh independent singers in Tamil Nadu and wished that this music label company would be a platform for them.


*Vishnu Vishal*

Vishnu Vishal, who released the short film ‘Panimel Vizhum Kanal Kaatru’, said that when he started his film career, he was looking for opportunities. It was only two days ago when he completed 15 years in the film industry, and he has been friends with Jiiva for 13 years. Speaking about Deaf Frogs he said, “Giving opportunities to new talent is in his blood and his father has given opportunities to many such artists.” He later said that his production company also wants to work with the company and expressed his congratulations.



When actor Karthi released the independent song ‘The’ Pop, he said, “Our Tamil girls called ‘The’ Pop will sing, dance and compose the music themselves. After that I will introduce anyone who is looking for such an opportunity to Jiiva who is like a schoolmate. Like his father, Jiiva has a mind to give opportunities to newcomers.” He recalled that he and director Aamir received the Cyprus International Film Award on behalf of Jiiva for the film ‘Ram’.

Speaking at the event, Jiiva used this platform to thank him for receiving the award. He also said that he would like to thank his parents for encouraging the interest of independent artists.

*Jayam Ravi*

Actor Jayam Ravi released independent singer Kenisha’s song ‘Ithai Yaar Solvaro’. “There are more supporters of independent artists than us on social media. It is a great gift for such independent artists to have a mentor like Jiiva. He will be there for you like his father was a mentor to him. He is my long time friend. During the shooting of his first film, both of us participated in the shooting in a set set like a train. Arya, Jiiva and I are the best of friends and can rightfully claim that he has become a family friend to me. He sincerely wished well for Deaf Frogs to continue to grow.

*Ishari K.Ganesh*

Speaking on the release of the documentary film ‘Folk Agenda’, Producer Ishari K. Ganesh got angry with actor Jiiva. He said that he was never informed about starting the company and that he is ready to travel along with this company, congratulating and wishing the company all success. In response to this, Jiiva said, “Vels International is one of the notable big production houses in the Tamil film industry. Ishari K. Ganesh is also creating great works, introducing new talents like Pradeep Ranganathan. I hope he continues to do the same.”

*Vijay Antony*

Music Director and actor Vijay Antony said that the people who worked on his independent song ‘Ovvoru Pennukkum’ released by him, have shown their talent and that he is a ‘deaf frog’ and regardless of anyone’s talk, he has come to the next stage as a composer, actor and director. “If we have faith in us, we can achieve anything. Kudos to Jiiva for such a good effort and wish this company reaches greater heights.

*Mirchi Shiva*

Actor Mirchi Shiva who released the short film ‘Ek Ladka Ek Ladki’ said, “Talent can never be hidden and will come out one day. We should not give importance to the negative comments on social media, we should believe in our talent and keep improving. Sending my best wishes yo ‘Deaf Frogs’ for a huge success at the level.”

*Kalaiyarasan & Aadhav Kannadasan*

Actors Kalaiyarasan and Aadhav Kannadasan congratulated the film’s crew while releasing the preview of the web series ‘Funtastic’ starring Eniyan. Kalaiyarasan said that he was happy to have worked with Jiiva in the film Pesum Pozhudhu Mugamoodi and that he treated him as a good friend.