Four day old infant treated for Critical Pulmonary Stenosis at KamakshiMemorial Hospital

Chennai, October 2017:In what could be a rare case of heart valve treatment, a four day old baby was treated for Critical Pulmonary Stenosisby team of doctors from Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital. The baby was diagnosed with Critical Pulmonary Stenosis before birth and the condition was confirmed at birth. The baby was kept on an emergency medicine infusion and was later taken to the Cath Lab on the fourth day for treatment.
Pulmonary Stenosis is a condition of the heart where there is a block in the valve that carries blood to lungs. This condition accounts for 10% of congenital heart diseases. Mostly, the condition is mild and the treatment is done over a period of time in some cases. “ In this case the baby was diagnosed with Critical Pulmonary Stenosis , where there was severe blockage of valve and it required emergency medical intervention . Another complexity in the case was that the baby weighed just 2.4kgs and the treatment was done successfully without high risk. The valve was opened up using a balloon, more commonly known as Balloon Pulmonary Valvuloplasty (BPV) in medical terms. Now the baby can be free of heart conditions and she would not require any surgeries or treatments in future,” said Dr. R. Premsekar, Senior Interventional Paediatric Cardiologist.
Critical Pulmonary Stenosis is seen in 1 out of ten thousand babies. “95% of babies that are diagnosed with Pulmonary Stenosis do not require an emergency intervention, as the treatment can be carried out when they are 4-5 months old or a couple of years later depending on the severity. However, in some cases, the condition is so critical that it would require an emergency medical intervention, which can only be possible if the team has good expertise and the right infrastructure to perform the treatment methods successfully,” said Dr. Prashanth Shah Senior Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon.
Another successful case was an open heart surgery that was performed on a 6 year old girl from Iraq. The child that was born as a blue baby had multiple complications of the heart and had undergone three surgeries in Turkey. The final stage of the surgery was performed by the team of experts at Kamakshi Hospital.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman, Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Managing Director – Chairman, said, “Not many are aware of the fact that such complex cases of Pulmonary Stenosis in infants can be treated successfully. Also, we have achieved in performing open heart surgery in a 6 year old child, as it involves a lot of complications considering the number of times the child has undergone the surgery. We at Kamakshi hospital have a dedicated team of cardiologists,right expertise and state of the art infrastructure to perform complex surgeries without any high risks.”

About Kamakshi Hospital : Dr Kamakshi Hospital is a 300 bedded tertiary healthcare provider located at Pallikaranai in South Chennai , committed to a higher objective of delivering ultimate quality of healthcare with utmost excellence and personal care. Dr Kamakshi hospital is a nationally recognised forerunner and one of the premier institution in providing cancer and cardiac care. The hospital houses highly educated scholars across all the specialities who are globally trained , equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure to deliver holistic medical service across the clock , around the year. The hospital is well staffed to provide emergency support and major trauma for both adults and paediatric patients .

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