SAEINDIA Southern Section & SRM Institute of Science and Technology Tractor Design Competition-2018

SAE India Southern Section is very happy to initiate this Tractor Design Competition (TDC) First time in India under student Design Competition category,targeted to solve many of the real time challenges.

It provides platform for connecting the bright and prosperous engineering talent available in the country with the real life challenges.

Through this program students across India will participate in providing innovative solution towards product design & development challenge.

Tractor Design Competition takes students beyond textbook theory by enabling them to design,build and test the performance of Tractor and then compete with other students from all over India.

Students are challenged with a hands-on with engineering experience that also requires budgeting, communication, project management and resource management skills.

Students also gain valuable exposure with recruiters of leading OEM in off-highway industry to help them land their first engineering job after graduation.

Students gains practical experience in various vehicle system level integration and sub systems like

  • Design of Drive systems
  • Tractor performance
  • Manufacturing process
  • Analysis of Tractive forces

Evaluation of students Design report is done by Industry experts and vehicle build is inspected and feedback is provided for further improvements during the design and development of the team vehicles.

Reports are collected from all the teams which includes design reports,cost report and build status review and further reviewed by Industry experts.

  • Teams are requested to submit the
    Design report detailing
  • Customer requirements
  • Conceptual design details
  • Design logs
  • Analysis reports, FMEA and Test and Development
  • Original and Innovative ideas

Cost report – Total Manufacturing cost, BOM wise cost and Aggregate based cost.

TheEvent is framed for 3 days consisting of Static and Dynamic tests, which includes Safety as first and foremost mandatory criteria.

  • Day1:
    Technical Presentation: The teams are expected to provide a Technical Presentation for their designed tractor. The presentation is evaluated based on their design, cost, manufacturing concepts and their application.
    Technical Inspection: This is carried out at various stages. The stages are
    1. Weight Measurement
    2. Dimension Measurement
    3. Engine testing
    4. Brake testing
    5. Saftey test
    6. Noise, Steering and run
    Experienced Industry Judges visited all teams about their build readiness and provided the feedback to all team to prepare for the final event.
    The teams which have cleared all the Tech inspection are allowed for Manoeuvrability. In this test the tractor is allowed to run via a small circuit.
    This is Final event where every tractor is allowed for performance test at various constraints. The Constraints are built at track with Sand bed and Bump track.
    The Tractor has to run 3 laps of each tracks, which will ensure that vehicle stability and performance.
    TDC – 2018 National level champions

1st place ;
Government College of Technology, Coimbatore

2nd place:
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur

3rd place;
University of Pune, Pune.

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