RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY inaugurates ‘Riga TU – Information and Study Centre’in Chennai

 RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY inaugurates ‘Riga TU – Information and Study Centre’ in Chennai
Indian student aspirants can now benefit from the wealth of information and guidance on higher level of educational opportunities at the European University



Chennai, October 2019

Riga Technical University (RTU), the oldest technical university in the Baltics announced, the launch of its first office, ‘Riga TU Information and Study Centre’ in Chennai. This University is located at Latvia and run by the Latvian Government.

Located in Thyagaraya Nagar, the new study centre endeavours to provide better service to students and cooperation partners across India by functioning as a dedicated one-point source for the Indian student aspirants on the varied aspects of studying at RTU.

In addition, the centre will also help with the following:
Assess prospective student applications for various programmes, ensuring easy and early assessment
Provide development and managerial support to the double degree programmes, including short term student exchange programmes
Development and implementation support for foundation semester programmes
Overall incorporation of the office in the city

The occasion saw the esteemed presence of Prof. Igors Tipans – Deputy Rector, International Cooperation and Studies Riga Technical University and Mrs. Zane Purlaura – Deputy Director, International cooperation and Studies Riga Technical University, who presented the country Latvia, the University Riga and the varied study options for the Indian students.

About Riga Technical University (RTU)

RTU is accredited, internationally recognised European university that implements academic and professional study programmes of advanced quality. RTU has been highly evaluated by the international experts within the Institutional Evaluation Programme carried out by the European University Association (EUA).

RTU hosts the largest number of students from India, across its various study programmes there are more than 1000 students from different states of India pursuing their higher education studies however the total population of international students at RTU exceeds 3500 students. Internationalisation is one of the key elements for a modern university to be successful. RTU is highly active in international affairs but always keeps the interests of the student in its heart.

Riga Technical University believe that university should not just react to changes in the society; it should be the driving force for change!

University’s Achievements:

To know. To be able. To create.
With such a slogan RTU welcomes the students to share with them the knowledge that is necessary to promote the development of Latvia and the entire world.

Energy and Environment,
Cities and Urban Development,
Information and Communication,
Materials, Processes and Technologies,
Safety and Security.


415 researchers,
30 laboratories,
Advanced infrastructure,
Innovation and technology transfer, cooperation with the industry.

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